Who Ever Said Nina Was Absent Minded?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

No one, absent minded is an understatement.

So, last Monday, exactly a week ago, I sent a few things in the mail with varying degrees of importance. I had my canon camera that was malfunction and I was sending to Illinois to be fixed, my Visa application/Passport/proof of graduation package to be sent to Miami, and two netflix DVD's. I added insurance to my camera as well as tracking and sent my Passport priority mail. I don't know what the hell I was thinking that I didn't track my passport package but I didn't and now I think I've lost half my head of hair.

The Canon was received on Wednesday but I didn't hear from them via email until Friday. I never heard anything from JET about my passport and NetFlix didn't tell me they had received my DVD's either. All of these things were sent by overnight mail, US post.

Finally, I got a little worried and emailed JET last night to see if they had received my passport and visa information. They promptly emailed me back at 9:30 this morning saying they had in fact not received it and had I put tracking on it like they suggested? No, I had not.

I then receive an email from NetFlix, my DVD's are in and my available items will be shipped shortly.


I then freak out about my passport! That thing has to be in to JET in Miami by July 7th and that means I need to cancel my old one, send in an expedited form which in the end is going to cost around$200something and have proof of my departure date which I don't actually have on company letterhead yada yada.

I didn't know what to do, I was so scared. I had to get my mind of off it just a little because there isn't anything I really could do right then. I couldn't email JET again because I was already waiting for their reply and I didn't want to bother them any more than I already was. I couldn't call the post office (because I already had. They told me they couldn't do anything because I didn't track it) and I couldn't start applying for a new passport just yet because it was still only 10 on a Monday morning, it might still be in transit even though it was supposed to be there Tuesday.

So I took a shower and started losing my hair.

At 10:30 am, I got an email from JET saying they had gotten my passport and everything was perfect.

I see this as a reminder to myself that I'm a dumbass and one of these days something really bad is going to happen and it's going to be my fault and there will be nothing I can do to fix it. Though, I already knew this and that's why I sent my passport in way earlier than the due date. Just in case something happened (^_~)v

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