San Fran #1

Monday, May 29, 2006

(posted on California Time: 12:22pm, Time in Forida: 3:22pm)

We are now half way through our trip and disaster has struck. But more on that later.

First, I’m here with Kim and Erin and we are visiting Judy Yarian, my 6th grade Sunday School teacher, 10th grade Leadership and English teacher. She’s seen me grow up from an immature and spastic 6th grader all the way to a little spaz 22 year old that I am today.

So, we’ve been traveling all over San Fran and the weather has been beautiful. All the Californians have been complaining about the wind but Judy says they’re just spoiled. Personally, it’s too cold for my taste. 50 degrees is winter to me! And the wind is crazy! 25 mph average….I think. I’d probably check that statistic if I weren’t stuck behind a dial up connection which is another reason why I haven’t uploaded my photos.

Now, time for the disaster story. So, yesterday, we drove an hour to get to Tomales Point. This is a beautiful hike along the coast of the pacific with wild flowers, mountains (hills for anyone outside of Florida) and elk herds riding over the fields. Unfortunately, Judy and Neil (husband) forgot to mention to us that it was a 10 mile hike. It wasn’t very strenuous because the terrain didn’t include or decline sharply, but 10 miles is still 10 miles and we are doing this hike with three girls that are lucky if they can walk an entire 1 mile through the course of their day.

On the walk back we were all feeling the pain in our legs and we all started walking a little funny because of it. Unfortunately, about 1/4 of the way back, Erin walked a little funny into a hole and tore a ligament in her ankle. Of the 5 of us, no one had thought to bring a cell phone. Luckily, a nice couple let us theirs and we called 911, a call that would last about 10 minutes with the phrase of “so where exactly are you?” to which Judy would reply, “On the Tomales trail between the end of the trees!” This may sound stupid, but on the entire stretch of land that we covered, there was only one patch of trees and they stood out like a sore thumb. I’ll upload pictures of the spot later.

So now Erin gets to take a truck back up to the start with a nice dose of Morphine while the rest of us had to actually walk back. I still say I could have hung onto the back of that thing, but whatever. She was then sent to the hospital where I fell asleep in the waiting room for an hour until she was done. It actually didn’t take as long as we were expecting.

So Erin is fine and gimping around the place while the rest of us are trying to figure out what plans we can keep and what we have to cancel because of Erin’s retardation. :) We still love her all the same.

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