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Friday, May 12, 2006

Bah! I didn't know how important this blog was until absolutely everyone I know (well....a lot of people) started asking me for the website so they can see baaaaaaaby pictures and so they can read stories about the baaaaaaby. Well, I'm updating so I can go back to helping SJ with the baaaaaby.

Originally, the child was going to be named Adrian. No one liked this name. I'm not going to even lie. But Issac, Brian's son, picked the name and so SJ and Brian felt compelled to keep it. They felt it was a little androgynous but this was ok because they didn't know that it was a girl until after the birth. Cut little kid kept her legs closed every time SJ got an ultrasound ;)

Well, after some major hemming and hawing over the name, they decided to change it to Emily Taylor. Incidentally, Emily was the name of SJ's first baby doll and since I was a little kid I always liked the name. I thought that I might name my daughter that, but I really don't want to have kids any time soon (or ever) so SJ gets it. Everyone loves the name and now everyone is happy :) Big hooray!

Emily sleeps pretty much always. Doesn't she eat? Yes, while sleeping. Her eyes are almost always closed. I'm sure she'll grow out of it in a day or two. Every hour she looks cuter than the last. She's growing out of the old man look and starting to resemble a child...with a cute button nose!

Her disposition is perfect too. She's quiet and even when she cries she really just sounds like a kitten meowing. Everyone agrees that she got this disposition from her father because there was nothing calm about the three Maran sisters ever.

Enjoy the pictures. Depending on what's going on I might update everyday (the pictures that is) I know that we'll be at least taking them every day. I've actually gotten annoyed with everyone asking me to whip out my camera and take yet another picture! Can you believe it?!?!? Nina, getting tired of taking pictures!!!! Surely, the sky must be falling :)

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Someone's Niece said...

Emily is a very lucky young lady. Everyone needs an Aunt Nina. I know - I had one. She was THE BEST!

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