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Monday, May 8, 2006

I’m back home in Clearwater now. I’ve commandeered the guest bedroom and am in the process of turning it into a usable living space made specially for me :)

I am getting over it, but two days before I left Orlando until now, I have been very depressed because I’ve left half of my friends. I’m really going to miss everyone and I can only hope that everyone’s schedule works out so that I can have another great party. I had so much fun at the picnic that I wish I could just freeze time and stay there. I wish that I could go back and work at the lab and go back and take some more classes and hang out with my friends. I’m going to miss everything!

But then, I look to the future and I know that I’m going to enjoy myself in Japan. It won’t be the same though.

And that gets me thinking, if I’m so upset over leaving half my friends in Orlando, I’ll be a complete wreck in three months when I leave all my friend and my family! What was I thinking?! How could I make such a huge decision so easily? I knew I would be leaving everyone and everything here in America to go pursue my dreams but god, I don’t think I really understood what it meant to leave everything.

Speaking of JET, my JET Handbook was waiting in the mail for me when I came home. It has everything I need to know about JET, everything except who my contracting organization is and all the details that go along with that. Let’s just put it this way, my contracting organization decides everything about my life and that means my JET Handbook is pretty much worthless without that info. Damn.

I also got a language book from JET to teach me some basic Japanese. I like it. It makes me feel good about myself because I already know most of everything it is going over :) I just need to work on my vocabulary and hopefully I won’t be so lost when I get there. And don’t be mistaken, I can’t speak Japanese, and I am going to be lost most of the time. It’s inevitable. I just like to be less lost.

Sarajane is due any day now. I’ll post pics when the baby comes (*^_^*) Also, I updated my gallery, check out my graduation pictures!!!

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OSB said...


Emily got her placement on May 20th. You've got a few more weeks of waiting.

As for leaving everybody, it is easier than you think.

Buy a mic/earphones headset and a webcam and you'll be able to talk to everyone at home for free.

Skype is also really cheap if you want to call people on their phones, instead of waiting for them to log on to their computer.

As for learning Japanese, make sure you can READ hiragana and katakana before you leave. 95% of every menu will be in ENGLISH, but in katakana. You won't believe how many English words are used over there until you actually get there.

Good luck!

Jessica said...

I love you and although I'll miss you dearly, we will always be wonderful email buddies...I'm always here for you...Much love!

Adam said...

Fun Words:

We'll probably talk more often trans-globally than we ever did in person.

I'm eagerly awaiting updates from the Depregnification Ward!

ZubKabeed said...

Miss Nina,

I am going to have to agree with you on freezing that picnic in time. I felt like a kid on the playground during recess for the first time since friggin 3rd grade. It was a very fun time and I hope later this summer we can all get back together again before the japan trip. Anyways, I hope you are enjoying time with your family back at home, and by the way, I got the note you left tonight at work, the one that was taped under the desk. How clever of you. I laughed because it felt like you got the last word, which just cracks me up. ANYWAYS, chat with you sooner or later i hope...

Your AIM Stalker, Zub

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