Time Moves So Slowly

Thursday, May 18, 2006

So here I am, writing my first post on my laptop (^u^) The keyboard takes a bit of practice to get used to but I'm a fast learner.

I guess I was wrong about taking pictures everyday and updating my gallery. Today was the first time I saw Sarajane since Mother's day and I haven't even uploaded those pictures to my computer. All one or two of them. SJ has been at her house in Tampa and I've been at home in Clearwater. She's been busy enough with Emily and I've been busy enough with my own babies, the computers.

Now that I have my laptop, I have three computers to take care of. My parent's old one, my old one, and my lappy. I got my good ol' friend Elias to help me out with fixing them up and refurbish them enough to have them in running order. My parents are getting my old one and my younger sister will be getting the oldest one. So, I've had to reformat them and update everything without actually spending too much money. Unfortunately, computers never work the way they are supposed to and now I have one computer without sound (can't get the drivers to work), one without a working power supply ($60 replacement, more than the computer is worth), and one with 20 gigs randomly missing without explanation (thank you dell)


But I have faith that I'll have at least two of them in tip top shape by the end of a day or two and the oldest computer can....well....I don't even like looking at it.

I say that I haven't seen SJ since mother's day and I make it sound like such a long time but it really hasn't been. For me, every day feels like at least two. I feel like I've been in Clearwater for more than a month, when in reality, I've only been here for...a week and a half. Not even half a month!!! I miss my friends and I miss Orlando. But not the traffic :)

I'm bored despite having plenty of things to do. For instance, I've turned into a one woman cleaning crew. Everything in it's place, vacuumed and dusted. Once I was done with my parent's place, I went over to SJ's today and started with hers. I picked up and swept and I would have done more if I didn't feel so bad about touching other peoples things. I don't know where they go, otherwise I would put them away.

I haven't been studying Japanese and I haven't even been reading up on all the things I need to know in the JET handbook. In fact, my mom reminded me today that I need to buy luggage soon. I had completely forgotten!!!

In other JET news: I got my placement today. I'm going to be in Kochi-prefecture. That is the same prefecture that Tosayamada High School is located in and I have a sneaky suspicion that my main school will be just that. Whoo for sister schools! I still believe that one of the only reasons why I was accepted by JET was because someone in Tosayamada was pulling for me. That and I look really good on paper, but I know I bombed that interview. I mean really badly. But apparently, not so badly that I didn't get the job :)

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jessica said...

WHATEVER YOU ROCK AND YOU KNOW IT!! That's why you have said job...Love you ;)

OSB said...

you go girl!

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