What Are You Supposed to do With All Those AOL Discs?

Saturday, May 20, 2006

How much money do you think AOL loses on installation discs? I really liked those tins they came in for a while though :)

I finished Kingdom Hearts 2 last night with Christina. I played the last 6 hours straight. I would have spent the next few days trying to finish Jiminy's Journal but after trying again and again in the Coliseum and getting just a few points short on the carpet ride, I gave up for a while and decided to get back to the story.

Christina went online to find an answer to our idiot simple combo question (I wasn't getting any points for my combos so we decided to look up just exactly what constitutes a combo...we realized that the tournament I was fighting wasn't point based on combos to begin with. Duh) and she found this Penny Arcade Comic:

It's no joke. My hand really was turning into a claw. I don't like that crappy triangle system they have going on there. Sometimes it was neat, other times I wanted to throw my controller at the TV Set.

I liked the story of the second one best and the game play of the first one best. I was doing #2 on beginners, I didn't think it made a difference but I was wrong, and I never actually needed to sit down and level up. The older I get, the more I hate leveling up!!!

Perhaps I'll go back and try to finish the journal. I was at 93% after all. And it's not like X-2 if you don't get the % point the first time around you don't get a second chance. I might call up my gamer friends to help me out. Boys always play video games better than me anyway.

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