Story of my life Part 6

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!

I woke up at 4am to the sound of fuzz. What? Fuzz? Did I leave something running? I got up to investigate and realized that it was raining furiously. I enjoyed going back to sleep knowing that nothing was running and I wasn’t going to have some ridiculously high power bill over nothing.

In the morning, I gathered my stuff and headed off to Odochi. On the way, I dropped my eggs on the bus. Two of the 6 eggs broke. But when life hands you a broken egg, make an omelet! And since we had use of the home ec room, that’s exactly what we did.

Actually, the students were more hyper than usual. It was probably all the chocolate that was being given out. Three girls gave me homemade chocolate which was to die for and a number of teachers also gave out little bits of candy as well.

I then spent the grand majority of the day reading the Time Travelers Wife and I have got to say, that woman writes horribly! I mean, she’s almost as bad as I am but the big difference is that I’m not a best seller, and with good reason!

Later, I suddenly got a very worried feeling in my gut that the movie idea I wanted to do at Tosayamada wasn’t going to work. Either my JTE was not going to remember to sign up for the room or he would forget to rent the movie! I emailed my supervisor and she sent back that everything would be ok. I was relieved but not convinced. Call it intuition.

Anyway, I gained another member to the English club thus doubling the members. I knew there was a reason we were making delicious chewy chocolate cookies.

Because the main student has a curfew of 5:30 and I have a bus to catch and an English class to teach, we cut the recipe in half and made about 30 cookies. We handed them out to all the teachers and the students took a good chunk of them home. I was very pleased. Also, the JTEs were quite hyper as well. More so than usual which was awesome! They’re so funny when it comes to chocolate. I swear all Japanese women are addicted. But that’s another story.

I went home and straight to the grocery store where I saw one of my students working. I’m sure you remember him, he’s mon-chan, the cute monkey boy from Odochi! He wasn’t very happy seeing as he was working and all, so I gave him my extra cookies. I was a little over-sugared by then.

I went home, ate quickly and went off to English conversation class. By 9, I was exhausted.

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