Story of my life Part 2

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Thia felt it was her duty to call me at 8am to remind me that there was a genki meeting at 10. I looked at my train schedule and realized that I had all of 40 minutes to get to the rain so that I could get to the meeting place on time. No time for a shower. Joy of all joys!

But thanks to the dry weather, my hair has been doing some fantastic things! It's gorgeous!

Anyway, I hopped on the train and after a few minutes I met up with Thia in the flesh. I was equipped with a nasty bran breakfast (gotta keep it kinda healthy!) and my USB drive in case I was able to commandeer a friends computer. We arrived on time and abruptly got lost. I do love those street signs by the way. Very helpful those street signs. When we finally did show up, we were greeted by equally groggy faces.

We then sat back and enjoyed ourselves for the next few hours of genki practice or lack there of. Genki, btw, is a musical production put on by the local JETs in the local dialect. They do it every year to raise money for something or other. I don't know, I'm just looking for a good time. Incidentally, I seem to be the only person who's really excited about this production. As I'm sure my long time readers and friends know, there are just some things that tickle me pink for no apparent reason and being apart of genki is one of those things. I can't imagine anything more fun at the moment. Everyone else on the other hand seems to think of it as more of a fun chore. Fun but a chore nonetheless.

They don't want to come in every Saturday or take the time to learn there lines. They want to do it but they're unhappy that it takes up such a big chunk of their lives. Whatever, I'm thrilled to do it. It's becoming the highlight of my week!

We took a break at the local food court and on the way back, we caught sight of the cutest chicks ever!!! (Don't make fun of me for the stupid face. I was in a goofy mood) There's actually a shrine/temple right behind the food court and I guess they let the mother hen wander around freely because she's the only one not in a cage. She had some super cute babies and we just couldn't resist!

Sometime after lunch a few more people showed up and we continued practicing. By 4, everyone was ready to go home. I did a little shopping and then met up with my buddy Erinn for a good old fashioned bagel dinner.

There is a single bagel shop that I know of in this prefecture. At least, only one that I know of that I am actually able to get to. At this bagel shop of which there is only one, there works a particularly cute Japanese boy. All I know about him is that he's out of high
school and not yet old. (this is a big deal people!) Also, he doesn't know a lot of English but the little bit that he does know, he uses as frequently as possible and with one of the best accents I've heard in a long time. He actually said "Thank you"!!! Not "Sank you"!!

So I got to talking to him and I guess you could call it flirting. We talked about different things like "why is your English so good?"

"well, I lived in England when I was about 5 years old"
"Yeah, for about…­" thinking... "three weeks. And then I also studied in High school"

Personally, something about his story doesn't add up. No one gets that decent at English just from three weeks and high school. I mean, some of my best students can't speak with an accent as well as he can..­. though they probably know more English.­ I don't know what it is, just something doesn't add up.

Anyway, he kept hinting that he was going out that night and I kept hinting that I didn't have any plans but in the end we all went home alone. So sad.

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