Story of my life Part 10 Finale

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Woke up unhappy. Had a bad conversation with the family and almost felt worse. I decided to pop in some Reno 911 and things are all gravy again. I plan to meet up with Kae later today and hopefully things will get back to normal. Thank god this week is over!!!

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Anonymous said...

At least you have a CBB. There is no CSG for me. I'll leave you to figure out the acronym.

I hope things get better real soon ^_^ But at least it's entertaining to read about. ;)

Nina said...

Cute Something Girl? Cute School girl? Cute Sloth Girl?

You have no idea how happy it makes me to hear that you find my story amusing. Honestly, half way through writing this I couldn't imagine that anyone would sit through and read the whole thing!

And for the record, there is no more CBB. The part of the story that I claimed wasn't interesting actually is kinda. It's just embarrassing on my part.

I sorta invited him to an event that was going on Sunday night. It was going to be really good but he said he couldn't make it because he had plans with his family. "Yeah, I can understand tha....HOLY CRAP! So do I!!!!" and even though it was totally true that I couldn't make the event either, it seemed like I was making an excuse for getting turned down. Eh, I don't really want to go back but those bagels are so tempting...mmmmmmmmm bagels.....

Oh, and my friend Erinn's friends are now trying to hook me up with (and I'm quoting) "a very cute but slightly gorilla like" boy. We'll see how it goes (^_~)v

Anonymous said...

Your last few entries read like a good romantic comedy. All that's missing is the chance encounter with Mr.Right (^_~). Though a '"gorilla like" boy' does not sound like him... but I've been known to be wrong before.

I wonder what makes some one gorilla like... is it a glossy river of silver hair on the back? Perhaps an overwhelming desire to run around on one's knuckles? Thumblike toes?

hehe, good luck Nina!

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