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Saturday, February 3, 2007

Yesterday, being Friday, I wanted to get out and enjoy myself. But since it's only been getting colder* I decided that I didn't want to leave Tosayamada. That left me with....few options. I had invited Tsubasa out but he canceled. I had invited Adam out but it was looking like our paths were going to split early in the evening. So I called up Thia and had her run over here on the next train which happened to be in 10 minutes and we decided to have dinner and a movie; Pride and Pejudice with Keira Knightley.

Adam showed up not too long after since his plans had changed and everyone enjoyed making a mess of my kitchen and I enjoyed being able to rant to another person about how pissed I was about the pen pal letters. (The fact that my anger on that situation keeps fluxuating leads me to believe that it's mostly culture shock and not the actual fact that my next door neighbor is a theiving bitch)

We decided that after the movie we would meet with Adams JTE friend. The guy just came to the school about a week ago and he's young (27) and Adam and he really hit it off. They've become pretty good friends. We would have hung out with him earlier in the evening except that the JTE had a welcome party to go to with the school. Adam was not invited...hmmmmm. But when he invited the JTE out, he was so willing to go that he almost wanted to ditch the party and come hang out with us. Or so Adam got the impression. We decided that his party would probably be over at 9 and we'd all go out after that. Then Adam would take the last train into the city, dropping off Thia on the way and he'd pull an all nighter. I'd stay home in my warm bed ;)

Later in the night we realized that Thia had missed her last train since the "last train into the city" is an express and doesn't stop at her station. Adam failed to mention that. And instead of taking a cab home, she decided she would just sleep over at my place. Hey, what do I have a pull out couch for if I don't intend to have people over?! But I still felt bad becuase I'm such a high mantenance person that I would feel disgusting in the morning from sleeping in my clothes and not being able to brush my teeth.

The movie got out later than we expected and there was still no call from the JTE. We decided to out go out to an Izakaya for a few drinks without him and he'd meet up when he was done. It was after 10 so the first one we went to had to turn us away because they had stopped seating people.

As we were walking away, we saw Adam's vice principal. She was quite sloshed as she said hello and then goodbye. Apparently the party that Adam was not invited to was being held at the Izakaya we had wanted to go to. It was still going strong.

We went to another place down the street and at midnight (15 minutes after the last train) the guy finally calls (three hours late) and without apology or remorse said that he was going out to a second party with the other teachers and he'd see Adam Monday.

How kind of him to call.

And so now, Adam has been exposed to the flakyness of most Japanese guys. In Japan, apparently it's ok to pull crap like that but in most western countries, you don't do that. At least, you don't do that without a fake apology at the very least. And on top of it all, he could just say that he was drunk and so he get's off scott free.

This guy sounds cool and I'm sure that he is when he's not ditching people but before I even meet him he already has some big negative points in my book. That's going to be hard to fix which sucks because he sounded so awesome.

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Anonymous said...

Is a JTE a Japanese person or an English-speaking foreign teacher who works in Japan? (me again)

Nina said...

Japanese Teacher of English. They are Japanese and they teach English. (I know that sounds redundant but I always wanted it cleared up too)

Anonymous said...

So are there any cute single Japanese guys? LOL


PS. So much for anonymous, ha ha ha

Nina said...

Hello!!! You don't want a Japanese guy! They're flaky like I just told you!!!

Besides, the first single and attractive one I see is mine!

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