Story of my life Part 1

Friday, February 9, 2007

I have a bit of extra time at work so I've decided to break up my super long post into single day posts since I ended up leaving out a lot of details that just make the situations that much more…­savory.

I woke up in the morning and turned on my computer as per usual. Everything was fine. I don't quite remember what I did for the day but I do recall that I was so exhausted from the entire week that even though I wanted to go out on that fine Friday night, I instead decided to go home and spend a relaxing evening doing one of three things: playing Final Fantasy, Playing with my computer or reading my new book (Time Travelers Wife).

I realize that I'm a total loser for listing those three things as my activities of choice but I really needed to relax. When I came home that evening, I flipped on the computer and puttered around with other things while I waited for it to boot. When I came back I was faced with a black screen. There was nothing. So I restarted my computer. Same result. As soon as it finished loading windows and before the login screen, my monitor would go

I won't bore you with technical details but in the end, through the use of my cunning keitai web browsing skills, I figured out that my problem was with a tiny little system file called SPTD.sys . It is associated with Daemon tools. This is a program that I had recently installed for a different fiasco I was having at the moment but never
actually used. I figured it was a harmless program so why delete it?

Normally in a situation like this, I would pull up the number/email/screen name of one of my many computer savvy friends but it goes to show how much I rely on my computer when I was unable to contact any of them! Instead, I called Dave.

And what was Dave doing on such a fine Friday night? He was staying home as well. He had a bit of a cold. Poor popular Dave was unable to live it up for once. HA

Dave who is only literate with Photoshop and other editing programs was at a loss and so he got a hold of Dan on the net and we all chatted back and forth over a very expensive keitai conversation. In the end, Dan said I had no worries and he would email me the solution to my problem. It would be a wham, bam, thank you ma'am sort of solution and I'd be in the clear as soon as I found a computer to use for maybe 20 minutes tops. I mean, it's only a crappy freeware program. How bad could it be?

That night I went to bed feeling pretty good and enjoying the idea that I was going to be able to sleep in for once!

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