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Friday, September 1, 2006

Today was a good day. I can’t completely remember how my days went when I first got here, but I think this was the best day so far. The good feelings lasted all day which is a step up from how it has been recently.

As of late, I’ll usually wake up happy and go to bed miserable and then wake up the next morning miserable only to go to bed that night happy and the cycle goes on with the only deviation being that I am miserable all day.

Today, I was able to keep my good mood without any serious hiccups. I see this as a big improvement.

The weather has improved wonderfully. I think that it’ll only last for today though. I’m kinda hoping that it goes back to being hot. The longer it’s hot, the less amount of time it’ll be cold. I hear that a lot of people get really depressed around January and February. I am not looking forward to that.

So, today I made my speeches. I’m pretty proud of myself because I did them a bit in Japanese and I didn’t look at my paper as I did it. I know that I messed up because I was nervous but my accent was good and I think everyone was impressed. Yes! Go me :)

Today was technically the first day of school. And it was, but not the first day of classes. The students came in and took tests and cleaned the school all day. Mmmmm sounds like fun times to me! But the kids were really genki and I can’t wait to work with them!!

I got asked a few questions by the English teacher if some things were grammatically correct…this is where I ran into problems and I’ve already given the teacher my answer but I’d like to know what everyone thinks the real answer is.


1. They happily slept.

2. Happily, they slept.

3. They slept happily.

Which is correct?


1. I already ate.

2. Already, I ate.

3. I ate already.

We all know which ones sound best but personally I think they are all grammatically correct! The problem was that the test was set up so that the three words were out of order and the students needed to put them together correctly…but as long as the subject came before the verb, the adverb could go anywhere!!

The teacher was so surprised by my answer. Her test was flawed and that’s not good since it can’t be helped now. I doubt she’ll give the students the points. In the end, because it was such a dilemma, I told her which one sounded the best which the students had been taught was correct in class and that should be the right answer…regardless if all three were really correct. Damn.

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