Can’t Stop Reading Bridget Jones

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Classes taught 4 (fair) lessons botched 1 (v. good) whole bag of Japanese crackers eaten 1 (had help from Adam, but ate most by self. Fair) Chu Hi Cans 2 (bad) Cockroaches found in apt 1 (not good) Lessons remaining to be written 3 (v. bad)

Have employed Adam to help rearrange apartment this evening. Looks v. nice. Dust everywhere but will clean Saturday when have time. Am v. pleased. Now, must buy fancy couch and two floor chairs so can begin hosting own events at own apartment.

Perhaps should think of finding new boyfriend to help fill extra floor space that have recently created. Also good person to start entertaining at own apt as apposed to expensive bars. Must save money for new couch, chairs, DVD player, bed, shelving units, and whatever food feel like eating at moment.

Will begin diet tomorrow when have no time to eat dinner. Decided to starve self back into fav pants.

Must have internet before start ant collection out of sheer boredom. Or kill student for being ridiculously stupid and ungrateful brat. Hope it is former as will not be sent to jail for having weird habit. Will only hinder boyfriend plan. However Gaijin power will probably outweigh ant fetish. Extra points for curly hair and slight Japanese Language ability.

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Anonymous said...

I am cracking up! My book club read Bridget Jones a few years ago, and after reading the first chapter with no articles, conjunctions, punctuation, pronouns, or real sentences, I gave up. I could NOT read that kind of writing. And here I find my own DAUGHTER writing that way. Reading yours though, I laughed. You do it so well. BUT STOP! I like real English so much better. HAHAHA!

jessica said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....I love you so much right now!! This is the greatest thing ever....told you it was highly addictive...Man still laughing my ass off I love you so so much, good stuff buddy good stuff (v.good);)

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