That Annoying Ring Tone

Sunday, September 10, 2006

I have stolen my Japanese families computer becasuse I just had to tell everyone about

As many of my friends back in the states new, I had the same ring tone for about 2 years. I loved my ring tone. I never wanted to change it and everytime I heard it, it made me happy.

The song was Morning Glow from the Final Fantasy X-2 game.

Many people wanted me to change it. Many people found it annoying. But for two years I listened to that cute midi and was happy.

Well, last night, I actually sang that song via Karaoke. In Japanese. With Japanese characters.

So a big HA HA to everyone out there! I did it! I finally sang a Japanese song! I ROCK!!!!

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jessica said...

Oh my God!! Nina, new levels of dorkdom have flooded over you. But if I had been there I would have shouted something along the lines of "That's my boo!" or "Get it girl!"...So there it is some ambiance for you because I'm sure they're aren't millions of Japanese people waiting to call you "boo", plus you're my boo anyway, they can't have you!! Love you...Glad that you got to live out a bit of a fantasy, although I still hate your ringtone ;)

Kimi said...

I agree with Jessica...but I knew that it was only a matter of time before you found the new level of dorkdom. :) I have been catching up on your back logs...but I'm still trying to catch up - you right novels for each entry... but I love reading them.

Nina said...

I'm glad you like reading them but there's no rush in reading the back logs. I won't really be posting much until I get internet which is looking like early October. (but you better finish reading by then beacause I'll have another installment!!!)


Sorry about writing novels. I personally think it's a little more boring than my posts when I was back in the states. A little more emo too. But I'm getting better at is as things stop being so new and I start getting used to things more and more.
I'm glad you like reading them!
Love you much!

dan said...


Nina that's very cool. Now if you can only find a karaoke bar that has Dragostea din Tei and you're set.

News about me: New job. I'll be back and forth between Orlando, Italy, and Spain.

Nina said...

Actually, the Japanese love Dragostea din Tei. It's in every Karaoke bar. Seriously.

Kudos about the new job!

dan said...

Oh man, get us a video of you doing that! That would be awesome!

Kimi said...

I have a question for you... I was told that watermelons are square in Japan so that they stack better... is this true? If so can you take a picture for me!

Miss ya much! Love You!!!

Nina said...

It's true. But I haven't seen one. They are probably crazy expensive and only in big cities and only when in season.

But I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow for the weekend so I'll keep my eyes open ;)

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