Breaking Nina Records

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Right after writing the previous post, I went out and broke my spontaneous actions record. Granted, I don’t know what the previous record was but it wasn’t very bold or exciting so don’t expect something really strange here. It’s just strange for me, that’s all.

So, last night I wasn’t feeling too hot. I was a little tired and a little down. I decided that it was too late to go into the city (only about an hours worth of time once the train schedule was factored in) and I decided to turn in early. I started my wind down routine and by 11pm I was still awake. Just as I was wondering why it wasn’t that I hadn’t gone to bed yet, I got a call from Monique. She said that the DoCoMo guy wanted to hang out again and was wondering if I was in town. I told her that the last train leaves the city at 10:30 so even if I had been in town, I would have already gone home. She then quickly (and without much effort) convinced me to hop in a cab and go into town. DoCoMo (that’s his name now, when referring to the actual cell phone company, I’ll make note of it) paid for all of it.

We went back to the same host club as before. This time there was an extra girl (can’t remember name) who was also a new ALT like me and is from S. Carolina. There were three hosts and…. I know that the Japanese have this way of making everyone think that they’re gay when they’re really not…but something about these men just screamed that they were all gay and maybe one of the was bi. They actually acted a little less gay than some of my students…but it was just something that I can’t explain. Maybe it was the jokes they were making or maybe it was all the alcohol I was drinking, but I’m going to say that my gaydar was off the charts.

Afterwards we went to club Jamaica which really only Monique likes but my theme for the night was “why the hell not” so I tagged along and made the best of everything. By 2:40 I was in a cab home. I had to concentrate on not throwing up. I had about….5 hard drinks in about 2 hours time. I kept drinking my own drinks and then whatever Monique and co didn’t feel like finishing since they had started drinking earlier. (oh right, remember in my previous post how I was drinking sake? HA, make that 6 drinks over the course of the night)

I broke that record too and have no intention of breaking it again. 1 drink an event is good enough for me. Maybe 2 if it’s a special occasion.

All in all, had fun and want to do it again. There was much drunken flirting with gay host men. Best kind of flirting there is! (next to flirting with a straight man)

Oh, I went to bed around 3:30 trying not to throw up and as soon as my head touched the bed I completely blacked out. The strange thing was that I still woke up at 6:30 completely wide awake. No headache, no vomitty feelings, no dry mouth or eyes…. I forced myself to go back to bed. That’s just not right.

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