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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

What a great day! It's totally the weather! A typhoon went between China and Japan yesterday and left the skies blue and breezy! I wish this weather would never change! It's beautiful!

Today, I'm finishing writing lesson plans and ideas are totally flowing! I wouldn't say that I'm getting the hang of things just yet, but I am doing better! So no worries on that front…for now.

I was afraid that I'd have to stay after school again today thinking about a lesson plan for my integrated class, but I figured it out quickly with the help of a teacher, and I'm on my way to total bliss in that class! Now, instead of being in school, I get to go home and relax.

Then at 6 I'm meeting with one of the students from my English conversation class. It'll be our first private language swap session held directly under my apartment in the café that I have yet to visit. I'm so excited to be truly studying Japanese again! I could totally use the help!

Good music, good people, good weather, good times. Today is a good day. (^u^) Wish I could show you pictures of my purikura escapades and my Tokyo tower visit!!! Ya just have to wait until October!

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Kimi said...

I'm so excited to hear that you are having such a great time!!! I cannot wait till october. Hopefully, by then I will have my webcam too and we can talk person to person. :)

Miss You!!! Kiss Kiss

Adam said...

It's October already! If you don't post soon we're dispatching Marines from the embassy. I'm not kidding.

Nina said...

Thank you Adam for reminding me of that it is in fact October 6th and I have yet to get internet ;)

I'll have it by the afternoon of next well (Friday the 13th!!!)

Assuming that nothing else goes wrong

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