A Difference of Opinion

Thursday, August 31, 2006

It is amazing to me how different we all are. Every ALT reacts completely differently to some of the exact same situations. I think this experience will really bring out and amplify our differences.

I remember someone telling me that there were times when she just wanted to come home and be alone. In fact, I’ve heard a lot of people say that. I can’t imagine what they’re talking about. I’ve never felt that way.

Today, I feel that way.

Tomorrow I have to give two speeches. One in front of the entire teaching staff and another in front of the entire school. Not cool.

My principal wants the Kochi News station to come in and video (and god forbid interview) me doing one of my first lessons. If not the first of the first!!! Two teachers have told me that they spoke to the principal and told him that it would probably be very difficult and stressful for me to be video taped but he told both of them at separate times that he thought it would be ok.

Yeah ok no.

I asked someone if it was just going to be Tosayamada news. I thought for sure no one would care about some random ALT since there are over…I don’t know….a bunch of us scattered all over Kochi. And she said no, it would in fact be broadcast all over Kochi. Do you know how big Kochi is?!?!? It’s like the entire state of Florida News Station!!

Not cool again.

I took my glasses in to be repaired. I specifically asked the woman if it would be ok to be quoted a price and then decide if I wanted to buy it. She said that would be fine. But today, she calls and says she ordered the frames and it’ll be $150 for the repair or $400 for entirely new frames. Which would I like?

I almost lost it right then and there. I mean really lose it. I don’t know if I can afford that?!!? Sure, I have the cash but I’m going shopping for a bed frame in about 5 minutes and that’s gonna cost a pretty penny. I feel like I’m bleeding money and another $400 is going to seriously effect me!

I went home and freaked out. Now I feel a little better and I’m actually considering buying the glasses. I do love them. And I remember telling my mom that they were worth the $400 what I first got them 4 years ago. *sigh* Maybe this time I’ll be more gentle with them.

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Kimi said...

Don't worry about the video taping. Just do a simple "getting to know you" activity for the first day. That will be easy on you and the students. I don't know your age group that you are working with or language level, but this site has some great activities that could be modified.


Let me know what your plan for the first day will be and how it went!!

Kimi said...


for some reasone the link cut off... I hope this works.

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