Tuesday, August 8, 2006

So, last night I totally skipped out of my Nomikai (drinking party). I am so over being tired all the time and now amount of alcohol is going to help that! Instead, I went to bed and woke up completely rested and surprisingly I was able to get over most of my jet lag.

It was like walking out of the mist. I wanted to conquer the world! And would have if it weren't for all the meetings I was in all day. Talk about a buzz kill. I said last time that it's probably really important to go to all the meetings but after attending every last one of them, I am not eating my words. (typo: I meant to say 'I am now eating my words')

I originally wanted to go to Akihabara which is a short train ride away from here and is supposedly the electronic capital of the world where everything is half price just for giggles.

Despite my great mood this morning, it slowly dissipated as the day went on. I slowly realized that I wasn't seeing anyone I knew and since I don't have a cell phone I can't very well call them and time was running out to make plans for the evening. Everyone that I did see or meet for the first time already had plans and that meant that I was probably going to have to go to Akihabara alone. I was totally dreading that. I've never done anything alone. Yes, yes, I know I'm going to have to get used to it, but I have the options now so I'm going to make full use of them! Or something like that.

I ended up seeing Robert M. who advised me not to go because "it's so big" like that's an important factor. I wasn't afraid of getting lost. I was afraid of getting lost alone. It's not all that hard to get directions and find my way back to the train station. This is Tokyo, most everyone knows a bit of English and I know enough Japanese to fill the gaps.

As it turned out, I never did get to go to Akihabara. I was so desperate and depressed by the end of the afternoon that I called a friend who was luckily in her room at the time and I tagged along with her. She had a Japanese friend who lives in Tokyo who was meeting her for dinner. It was the most fun I've had yet!

We went to a very traditional Japanese restaurant and tried everything! I drank only half my sake and we ate everything from Udon to real sushi to roast pork. It was all delicious and I'm so glad I tagged along.

Tomorrow, I have to be up by 6am so I can get ready to board my flight to Kochi. I'll be seeing lots of familiar faces and I can't wait! Tokyo has been less than pleasurable and I'm glad to go!

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reid said...

some of my friends will be in tokyo and osaka next week. their band is playing at summersonic festival ( so if you go to that, you should check out copeland and tell them that you know me. i think that would be funny :)

Kimi said...

Hey Babe!!!

U can't believe that you are in Japan!! Send me your address I want to send you that CD of our San Fran Pics. Do you need anything?

Love You, Kimi

Anonymous said...

So, Nene, you made it! How's the electric-bathroom-hair situation? Hope it's not Nikko wired...:)


I want the scoop on HOW he got there! And, PLEASE have him fire off an email, so I can say hello!

OK, got to go get Kimi beautified...she can tell you talk soon!


ps if you need English-teacher stuff, be sure to let me know!

Jessica said...

Hey Boo!! Hope all is wonderful with you in Japan and that you are settling in well... Miss you alot already. Everytime I close I see the monster key chain you gave me and laugh. Love you much!

reid said...

hey nina, my friend tony and his girlfriend are having a picnic thing this sunday with some friends and wanted to invite you out. e-mail me at and i'll hook you up with his e-mail and phone number.

Glenn Shelton said...

Looking forward to hearing more! Mary Helen gave me your site name because I told her I would like to hear about your adventures from time to time. Hope this is OK? Also a friend at work, Martin Reinhart, is an avid fan of Japanese culture. He and his wife have hosted students. When you hear from him (which I hope is OK) he will be a good contact.
Hope today is going super!

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