It's All Easier Said Than Done

Wednesday, August 2, 2006

Right now, I'm avoiding packing. I don't enjoy doing it. I am a tiny bit ahead of schedule, but I expect something to distract me so maybe this time around I'll be on time instead of late...but I doubt that.

My room is a total mess and I can't see my bed anymore. I'm completely exhausted as well. No amount of rest really seems to revive me either. Again, I have thrown out a bunch of my things that I don't need and will never use or can't pack. I hate moving. I was not raised to be a nomad!

I planned to start packing tomorrow but with all of my cleaning, I need a place to put all of my displaced items so I've started packing...or...starting thinking about packing. This second suitcase is turning out to be a pain in my ass because it has all the miscalleneous stuff in it. Not a whole lot of clothes but mostly boxes and presents and toiletries and games and other things that I didn't think about packing into the first bag. I just stare at the mess on the floor for a few minutes before I give up and come back later just to do it all over again.

As interesting as this all may seem to you, I'm sure I could be talking about more interesting things....

V for Vendetta came out today!!!! WHEEEEEEE

.....I'm guessing what you're all thinking. If Nina is only leaving for a year, why is she throwing out all of her things?

Well, that's a good question with a lot of good answers. First is that I don't have a whole lot that is of any value and I don't want my crap sitting around a house that has too much crap in it to begin with. If I'm not going to use it in the next year then I probably won't need it for the rest of my life. I'm keeping my movies and books but old school notebooks that I kept around for nostalgic value has gotta go. And finally, I'm going to be accumulating a lot of stuff while I'm in Japan that I'm probably going to want to take home with me. Gotta clear room for them ;)

Besides, I haven't decided if I want to stay 1, 2, or 3 years yet. I might end up hating it. But I doubt that.

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