Lost And Found

Sunday, August 13, 2006

I spent all of today getting lost, found, shopping, lost, found, lost, found, home, lost, found, lost, lost, lost, shopping, shopping, home. In that order.

I decided that since I went shopping in Kochi City yesterday, perhaps I should get to know my area a little better and go shopping for some things that I need for the apartment like an air filter, light bulbs, and cleaner (my apartment is a dusters dream)

I ended up getting lost a whole lot more than I actually spent doing anything else. I went all over the place and nothing is really all that far away, 10 minute bike ride at most, but getting lost means doing a lot of back tracking.

Also, sweating isn’t so bad in the end. My skin actually feels better after taking a cold shower and washing off. I feel a little healthier. Also, my apartment isn’t as hot as it used to be. This could be because I’m getting used to it or it might be that something has physically changed about the place. It could be that the outside weather is different than it was when I first got here or that my AC unit is working better because I’ve been using it so much. What I really think is that the walls are actually cooler. Two days ago I was looking for an outlet and to look behind my desk I stuck me cheek against the wall and it was really hot! I think that the constant ac and wind running through this place has actually cooled off the walls and it only took a few days. I wonder how much my electricity bill will be…I don’t think very much.

All the running around today left me with a sunburn I think. I haven’t actually taken a look in the mirror but I can feel it when I scrunch my nose and I’m starting to get heat rash on my forehead. Not good.

Other than that, I got a lot of really good stuff! I got my light bulb and filter, cleaner, stove tinfoil so it doesn’t look so ugly, a washing bucket, sponges, some interesting foods, and a book!!! Every time I go anywhere, there are magazines to be sold and I don’t usually have a chance to read them because 1, I can’t read and 2, there are always a lot of other people reading them first. Especially boys. Depending on the time: during the day men will be reading the naughty magazines and then some current events but at night suddenly the hoodlum teenagers will pack themselves in shoulder to shoulder to read the naughty mags. It’s so funny. They blur everything out anyway!

But I keep passing this one bookstore and I had actually been in it before but I couldn’t find anything that looked interesting. I went in again today and picked up whatever I could find because I was so tired of wanting to read one and never actually doing it. I am very pleased with my selection too. I can’t read it, but it looks interesting which is the point in the end.

A couple of things I wasn’t able to pick up like an electric fan and some special things for the bathrooms like a little shelving unit for both the toilet and then one for the washing machine too. I can’t fit them on my bike but once I make a friend who has a car, the first thing on the agenda will be to go down to the local Family Center and hook myself up. They’re not badly priced either!!!

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