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Monday, October 23, 2006

The first person I talk to once I got internet was Kevin from the computer lab. He was a person that for whatever reason I couldn't take enough pictures of with my new camera. I had actually forgotten this until he asked me if I was still taking pictures like crazy. I told him that I actually hadn't gotten around to taking a whole lot of pics. It was just too cumbersome to take my camera around with me. Well, I got a bigger purse :)

AND NOW for some pictures that are too random for my gallery but should have been put in this blog a long long time ago:

This is the day I got my couch. I love it too! I'd like to say that my roommate Christina took this picture but that would only be true if I were still living on campus in Orlando. Instead, I cried bitter tears and figured out the timer feature on my camera.

This is where I park my bike in the city. This night, there happened to be someone sleeping there as well. I thought it was interesting enough to take a picture of. Actually, this isn't even a 5th of the bike space in front of the train station. I should take a picture of it one day...

My Amway crew! Ikuo is on the left then Sayuri and some people who's names I can't remember except the girl second to the right who is named Shizuka which means quiet and she is just that.

Wakako and Co. after her Kendo match. She is the girl on the very left. The tall girl in the back is the daughter of one of the teachers at Odochi. (He's not an English teacher so I never talk to him...eh) Incidentally, that same girl has a sister who's about one year old. Her name is Mei which is also the same name for niece which I ended up learning the same day that I first saw Mei. So I got to say hello to Mei and tell everyone that I had a Mei too :)

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Kimi said...

Oh how I miss my love muffin! Seriously, if you give me a phone number I will call you!

I love the pictures - but now that you have internet I may never catch up on your back blogs.

Love You! :)

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