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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Yesterday I was completely exhausted! Tuesday night I stayed up early talking to David (remember black Dave from back in September?) It was the first time I got to sit down and talk to him via Skype since he came to Japan over a month ago. The guys been doing really well too. Check out his LJ on the left!

So I stayed up late and then woke up early to go to Odochi where I sat around for most of the day. I pretended to study Japanese but it's just not clicking.

I then stayed after school an hour later to make turkey jars with the one English Club student. The sun was down by the time I got home at 6pm. I had enough time to get something to eat before I had my English conversation class at 7:30. I was totally beat but I didn't skip out or anything.

When I got there, it was a big surprise Halloween party! I was so enjoyable, I was completely blown away! One of the women had made pumpkin masks for everyone as well as bought a few nice feather masks for a few people. She then made a witch costume herself! She took her reading glasses and added a witches nose to them. She had a shall and even a homemade hat! On top of everything, she brought a nice desert and coffee for everyone. I was completely blown away!

Again, we never actually got around to the lesson that I had (the one left over from last week) which I was surprised about because I was so tired that I just couldn't keep up the conversation like I normally do. But the group has opened up so much that they can keep it going with their own conversation which is sometimes in English!

This morning I went to Tosayamada and found it in complete Chaos. It was beautiful.

Half of yesterday and all of today was devoted to setting up for the two day culture festival. Every school has a culture festival. It is a time when all the classes stop and each homeroom and club join together to transform the school into whatever they want. The English club is putting on a production of a classic Japanese story in English (of course). One class is making a haunted house, another is doing magic tricks and about half of all the groups are selling food. One Senior class is selling Mochi which is sticky rice that's been pounded by a mallet until it's a dough (very tasty and chewy) others are selling snacks or drinks or other various foods. They are really getting into it and it's amazing to see the students so dedicated to something!

I sat at my desk for the most part of the morning before I decided to take a break and check out what was going on. Within 30 seconds I was back in the teachers room looking for my camera which I was thankful that I actually brought. These kids were doing crazy things and I didn't want to miss it!

I went around to the different classrooms sneaking up on students, saying SURPRISE! and *click* it was too late ;) I have all those pics up in my gallery and I'll be adding more tomorrow and Saturday.

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