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Monday, October 23, 2006

Goes to show you just how busy I am. On Sunday, I got back from the camp with an hour to repack my things, blog really fast, and head on out to my second home.

I was planning to upload my pics but this has been the first chance I've gotten. So check my gallery for English Camp pics!

So, I went over to Kae's place and it turns out it was Shinji's (dad's) Birthday!!! NO ONE TOLD ME! I didn't have a present. I felt bad. But on the way home we picked up what I can only imagine was an ungodly expensive cake that was...well it was small. No where near the size of an American cake. It would probably feed 4 people in America and I bet you anything it was around $30. It was really good though. It had was covered with thick whipped cream and had all sorts of fruits on top that were glazed. It was really beautiful. More beautiful than anything we have in America I think (for everyday events that is). We sang Happy Birthday in English which I was only a little surprised at. I wonder if they celebrated Birthdays before Japanese was so westernized....I bet they did.

I've been studying Japanese from a book that I picked up at AEON. It looked really helpful though it was only a review. Up until now, everything that I've studied, even simple stuff has helped me. But as much as I love this book...it's too easy, and I'm not learning enough. *sigh* Back to the drawing board. I get done with a chapter in about a half hour and there are only 10 so I might as well keep it up. I've got nothing to lose.

In fact, I just learned today that I really have much less to lose than I thought. Originally I was upset because I was learning Japanese so slowly and I only had three years to be here. I thought there was no way that I could learn enough in three years to be able to take a serious test to pove that I was fluent (Kanji is difficult people! If I don't have time to blog, what makes you think I have time to learn 10,000 kanji?!) But I just learned today that they are changing the rules of JET. I can now recontract up to 4 times instead of two. That means I can stay with JET for up to 5 years.

Now, if I plan to stay that long is up to fate. 5 years is a long long time to be living in Inaka (the country)

Anyway, I went over to Oodochi today and I really like those kids but I'll be damned if sometimes they don't do some of the dumbest things. I'm flat out giving them the answer in Japanese and they don't listen or care. I can't do it for them!!!

Actually...today I did. I took two kids papers and just wrote down one of the answers to prove it was easy. They didn't care. It made no difference.

*sigh* Why do I like that school again? Dunno. Not gonna argue with it.

This afternoon, I came home with enough time to get some dinner and then head over to my first Yoga class. MAN did I need that! I feel great!

Well....I was still a little sore from running up and down the mountain Saturday and my body just feels tired now but it's a good tired. I can tell that the rice everyday is taking a toll on my stomach and I really need to watch it. I might be more active but nothing compaires to the amount of carbs that I'm taking in everyday. Not to mention the drinking which I am also doing less of. I think a healthier lifestlye in general will do me good. :)

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