Definitely Going To Kill Someone

Friday, October 13, 2006

Please place curses in every possible place in this post. They are appropriate and the only reason why I left them out was because my grandmother might be reading. But trust me, they're there in spirit.

So, today was supposed to be the glorious day when the internet fairy would finally make it to my humble abode and grant my one and only wish for internet access at my apartment.

No such luck.

Remember how I had to pry the information out of the teacher who was helping me with my internet problem about a week or so ago? Remember how I was so frustrated because it took me so much time to get out the information I wanted when all she had to say was that the modem was going to be sent to my apartment and later a man would come by to hook it up.


it turns out that I didn't ask exactly the right questions because the truth of the matter was that a man was going to come by today and make sure my phone line was working properly. My modem will be sent Wednesday and then I can hook it up myself and try to figure out the Japanese Kanji enough to just get some *@#%&! Internet!!!

When I figured this out, I just about strangled the poor man standing in my doorway. I left my apartment in a huff and went to the city. There, I found an internet cafe and that's where I am now. Thank god for this place! It's going to be my new hang out! Internet, manga, food, games. I am in heaven. It's cheaper than a bar too! HA! There are also no slow connection or blocks. I can do whatever I feel like and it's cheap!

At the same time, I am still super pissed about my internet. I have not been doing well this week in relation to work or culture shock. It's so difficult to be here sometimes. I kept thinking that if I get internet, I would feel a lot better about everything. I think it's true more and more. I can translate everything in my computer. I can shop online. I can write lesson plans super fast and I can talk to my family and friends.

Oh yes. You read me. I haven't been able to really talk to my family or friends. Yes, I'm making friends here but nothing compares to home. Nothing. And I need to talk to them. It's painful how badly I need this internet. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that it's really killing me inside. No matter how well I do here, no matter how much better things are getting day by day, I only feel worse and worse with every passing moment. I need to talk to my family. I can't take this anymore.

Nina, why don't you get a calling card and call them? Ok, and call on what? My cellphone? That's much more expensive than calling with a calling card on a payphone. And then what, stand around in full view of public while I pour my heart and soul out to my family and probably shed a few tears while I do it.

No no my friend. I need to god damn fucking internet!

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Anonymous said...

Doing what you've done takes a lot more guts and determination than the greater majority of people will ever have. Your family loves you, your friends are here for you, and we all miss you.

“We read to know we are not alone.”
-C.S. Lewis

Anonymous said...

I'm certain you're doing quite well, despite any frustration. It's hard now, but you're doing all you can really and, eventually, i'm certain everything will fall into a healthy and comfortable pattern. Keep doing your best.

jessica said...

Killing someone on Friday the 13th??? How very cliche of you... I love you and I hope your internet comforts you enough until we can all comfort you with emails and AIM...I love you boo boo! Just remember that you have a bunch of people back home cheering you on! And if that doesnt work, imaginary friends always come in handy, but not in public...then they can put you away ;)

Tegan said...

I understand.. though am completly jelous :D Just a tip why don't you try Skype? The free internet phone. I am sure you have a headset somewhere and people willing to buy one in the states. My friend Jen's friend who is in Israel is using it and was asonished at the quailty of the line.. and its free :D I am planing on instaling it on my computer before I leave in the spring and getting my mom and bf hooked up before I go. Yes you need an internet connection before you can use it but you should be getting one on Wednesday and I am sure with your power of deduction you will figure out how to instal it. I mean searously how diffrent can a Japanese modem look? Gambatte!!

Nina said...

Yes, I actually have Skype. I have had it since before I ever left. I made sure it worked and I could connect with the fam. However, as you have mentioned, it's completely worthless without internet.

In fact, unplug your computer right now and figure out what exactly it's good for without internet. Then, once you've figured out that it's good for playing MP3s, spider solitaire and writing word documents only, figure out that the computer at work doesn't read your USB drive because it's too old. Now what is it good for? MP3s and Spider solitaire. My computer has turned into a glorified MP3 player!!!

There are so many things I plan to do once I get internet. Fix some of my typos in this blog is one of them! (Don't think I haven't noticed)

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