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Sunday, October 8, 2006


I just posted the past months worth of back logs. Very interesting stuff this time around! Please, don't be disturbed by any strange behavior I might be exhibiting. Remember, this is Japan, and we do things differently here ;)

As for today:

I just spent $160 on clothes. Hmmmmm, a bit much but, ahhhh Nina how many articles of clothing did you get?



I can't even do that at Wal-Mart and these clothes were way more stylish! And that's saying something because their Japanese!! (^_~)v

Anyway, I was so happy that I almost started spending more money at the store. It is by far the most perfect store I have ever seen in my life. It's close to my apartment so I don't have to go into the city and truck everything back, but it's also super cheap, has clothes, shoes, bathroom items, futons and blankets, towels and pillows, etc etc (even baby stuff, watch out SJ!)

I am so in love! Now all I need to do is find some ridiculously cold weather clothes like scarves and mittens and I'm good to go! Long sleeved shirts and pants, I'm covered :)

I get my fantastic sofa tomorrow and Internet on Firday!!! WHA HOO!!!

PS, I updated my pictures

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