Excitement is Building!

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Judy told me that it's probably going to be a lot harder for the people staying than it is for me to leave. I think she's right. I get to leave and start a new life where as everyone that I care about and that cares about me is still here in their respective lives but now there is something missing from it. I won't have anything missing, those people won't be there to begin with. But I'm leaving a hole in some peoples lives. Mostly my family and kinda Christina. Sure, Christina and I have been living happily together (as roommates!) for the past 4 years and having a great time too! But we both knew that it would end after the 4th year so...regardless of my leaving for Japan, I guess that part couldn't be helped.

Regardless of sentimentality, I'm freakin' EXCITED!!! finally

I woke up today and sat in bed for a little while thinking about all the things I needed to do to continue to get ready. I'm half asleep still when I realize that this is the last Saturday morning that I get to sleep in, in this house, in America. sweet.

That got me really excited, I'm totally ready too. I've been ready for years and now my bags are packed and I'm waiting for the time to pass. I can't leave fast enough!

I said goodbye to Jessica last night and Christina today. All that's left is Erin on Tuesday. As I said goodbye to Christina, there were no tears or sadness. It was more of "see ya" because I know that's she's coming to visit, which we are both very excited about, and also because we know that it's not the last time that we are seeing each other. Sure, we don't get to see each other everyday and the phone regardless of how much a webcam helps is still not the same as hanging out (or even living together!) But that's life and I am personally so over it. I'm tired of saying goodbyes, I've already made my peace with it. Now I wanna go!!!

In other news, I finally FINALLY FINALLY!!!! got my tax form in the mail from the IRS. Remember that thing that I waited too long to send in like a dumb ass? Allow me to refresh your memory (It's at the end). Well, I sent it in and never got any confirmation that it had been received, like I had expected, but I was getting a little nervous so I called them the other day, (very nice hold music) and they said that they didn't have any information about me but that only meant that my information hadn't been processed yet, not that they hadn't gotten anything. Crud. So I waited and thought that I might as well forget about it until I get to Japan because it won't show up before that. That would be too convenient and mean that I actually did something right. Welp, who knew? I actually did something right. And it's not even that big of a deal paper! I got a letter from them saying that they reviewed my information and whoopy for me I don't have to pay dual taxes. The end. That's it! Just a piece of a paper on IRS letter head ooooooo. It's actually very pretty ;)

5 days!!!!!

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