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Monday, July 10, 2006

Well things are going down hill from where I see it. Again, I'm starting to get more lethargic everyday. It's gotten to the point that my body isn't bothered by not getting any exercise, just as long as I get 10 hours of sleep I'm satisfied. That's total crap!!! But I just don't have the motivation to get out and ride my bike. It's too damn HOT!

I'll be going to Key West next weekend, so I'm looking forward to the change in pace. That should hold me over until I leave. 26 days until I'm in Miami. 28 until I'm in Japan.

As for my doings, I've recently picked up the hobby of converting all the home movies on VHS tapes into DVD's. You would think this is an easy process but you'd be wrong. For whatever reason, if I want to get decent quality on these crappy VHS tapes, 2 hours turns into 23gigs. 23GIGS!!!!! That's outrageous!!! And I can't put them on my external hard drive because that only holds a max of 4gig files. It's FAT32 and not NTFS but if I remember correctly, FAT32 is way better than NTFS. I've never heard of this 4 gig crap. Whatever, I'm just cutting up the video files and then pasting them back together in Nero. I'll post some of the funnier moments of me ;) later when I get them. At the rate I'm going, I won't be done by the weekend. We have about 15 or so videos. (and they're probably all 2 hours!!!)

I also went out shopping (some more) and got a decent "little black dress" for all my semi-formal needs. As my mom suggested, a little black dress can be changed by it's accessories and you don't have to buy a whole new dress for every occasion. The dress was more than $100 and that's WAY more than I like to spend on clothing. I still need shoes for it too (T0T) But now, I at least have something to wear for the orientation and banquet in Miami the day before we ship out.

That's all for now. Sorry for the boring post. Welcome to my life.

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kathy said...

Hey again Nina! It's Kathy! Thanks for writing back to me on m blog and for answering my question about the embassy. When I apply, I'll probably do it out of Atlanta buuut maybe I can go to the optional orientation in Tampa if there's one there (like you seemed to do) or something cause that would be really convenient. We shall see.

Anyway, yes, please continue to write a lot about JET- I will definitely be checking in on your blog from time to time to see what's up and help to ease my stress as I wait for the JET to begin and be through haha. Although, I do like the random entries- especially the one about X-men 3 cause the clips made me laugh waaaay too much!

Not sure I can hook up with your guy though- I finally have a boyfriend again which is just one of the many reasons I have been MIA and hadn't responded to your post on my lj until now. If it doesn't work out, we shall have to see about your boy offer haha. Thanks, though!

I hope you can get some energy up, though! I must admit I do love laaaazy summers. :) Just think of it as storing up energy to deal with the kids in your classroom! Later!

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