Potty Training

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

No, not for Emily. She's still only 2 months old as of yesterday!

Instead, here is a video that I received via email from my Kochi JET Yahoo! Group

Here is what I have roughly translated: (and please, don't quote me on this. I am getting the basic gist of what they are saying. I'm not translating directly)

Going to the Toilet
Pants Man

Boy: something about my tummy....my toilet!!!!
Mom: somethingsomethingsomething

Toilet: somethingsomething sit on me!

Mom and Dad: We'll do our best together!

Some song about peeing

Boy: YAH!!! I peed!!! Bye bye pee-boy!

Boy: There's something wrong in my butt! I need to use the toilet!

Toilet: Do your best!

Some song about pooing

Boy: I pooed!

Mom and Dad: Yeah, you did it!
Dad: probably talking about wiping.

Boy: Bye bye poo-boy!
Yeah I did it. Dad, I pooed in the toilet!

The pants feel so good!!!!

I can't translate what the kid is saying beyond "I'm pushing the button" and "Poo! Poo!"

After this, I have learned that Unchi means poo... \(^u^)/

And please don't make fun of my poor translations. It's been a while since I've studied and I never learned how to understand Japanese singing in conversational speech, and Poo and Pee were conveniently left off my vocabulary list ;)

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jessica said...

Are you sure its pants man and not big boy pants or the like because that would make sense?? Oh well this is still the most disturbing thing I've seen all day and its only 10:20...bravo, good show! Much love for crazy pooing tigers...and you too...

Nina said...

No no, it's totally Pants Man. Of that, I am sure. In fact, the title is exactly as I wrote it. The Japanese reads: Pa-n-tsu-Ma-n. So there.

If you listen to the song at the end, before the live kid goes potty, the little boy says "Pan, Pan, Pants man!" (listen, you'll hear it)

jessica said...

You know thats even more disturbing... I wonder who would win in a battle between Pants Man and Talking Toilet...hmmm?? Now there's something to feast your brain upon...

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