Suddenly Seven

Thursday, July 27, 2006

One week. Where did the time go? I was counting down the days, 12, 11, 10...7? What happened to the last few days?!

I haven't made any progress with packing. I miss a few of the things that I've already packed away but I don't need them so badly that I'll dig through my suitcase to get them. The stuff I have left over, I can't very well pack away because they are all still in use. I probably won't pack them until the day before or even the day of.

More news from Japan before I even get there, I've been commissioned for an Enkaiwa class already. This is an English Conversation Class that a few people in the area would like me to teach. I have no idea what I'm going to do but I've already agreed. I figure that I like talking enough that I can babble on for a few sessions to get my barrings before I come up with some interesting class activities. It's every Wednesday night and they wanted me to start on the 9th. Funny this is, I arrive in Tosayamada on the 9th. I agreed to start the following Wednesday. I assume that I'll be tired from all the doings of my first day in town and getting settled into my apartment that I will probably be too tired to really be of any use as a teacher. On the other hand, I might get really bored and lonely at my apartment all by myself with not a whole lot there besides a few pieces a furniture and no knowledge of the surrounding area...but I doubt that.

Chrissy came to visit from Orlando and we had lot's of fun prancing around Bush Gardens and swimming in my pool. It was very sad to say goodbye and a few tears were shed but nothing compared to the flood gates I expect to open once I begin boarding the plane...or the night before while I'm sitting awake in the hotel bed (in Miami, aka hell)

Finally, I have a few predictions of how I will change as a person when I am in Japan:

1. I think that I will become much more conscious of my appearance for a number of reasons. People will stare at me more because I stand out. Also I think that I'm a hairy beast compared to the average Japanese girl. The girls have a tendency of really taking the time to look nice and have pretty nails and hair and clothes, etc. So, I think I'm going to be quite conscious of what I look like.

2. I know that my body language is going to change completely. I will start bowing way more and covering my mouth when I giggle and looking away when I feel shy (when ever is that?) and getting excited over dumb stuff.

3. Aside from body language, my hand gestures will change as well. I my arm movements won't be as wide because I know that I'll either smack someone in the face or I'll knock something over and break it. In America, I have room enough for boisterous hand movements but in Japan, things are much more cramped.

4. I expect my manners to change greatly. I think I'll become more timid in my verbage and less blunt. Mostly, I think I'm going to lose my sarcastic flare. I'll miss it much but I have faith that I won't lose it very quickly and I'll easily get it back once I return to the states.

I keep thinking that I'm going to do things so differently in Japan that I'll become a different person. But I think the truth of the matter is, is that I'll always be me, I'll just be in Japan. I'll still have the same personality I'll just dress a little differently and I'll move differently and I learn new things, but I'll still be me with the same past and the same good and bad habits. I'll just be in a different location.

I have no doubts, however, that I will adapt to my new surroundings to the point that I will seem completely different to my friends and family when I finally get to see them again :)

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Kimi said...

Hey babe!!! God I can't believe you will be so far away. What will I do?!?!? I can't wait till I get to see your apartment. The web cam better be the first thing you hook up.

Kimi said...

oh yeah I forgot...I love you!!!

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