Thanksgiving Fiasco in the Making

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

I don't want everyone to think that I have a bad time at school. Once I get there and get things rolling I'm usually pretty ok. It's just the idea that makes me dread going. It's not really all that bad. In fact, today I had a really good time! Since my mommy never sent me a TV guide or a newspaper, I made a TV guide all by me-self and I am so proud of it! Maybe I'll take pictures ;) It's a cute little booklet that I'm going to make copies of for all my second year students. I hope they have fun with it!

Also, today at school when I got annoyed with my computer as per usual, I actually said out loud 何でファック! Hahaha No one else heard me but if they did I don't think they would have cared much. Maybe it's only funny to westerners :)

Finally, as I've said before (I think) I'm planning to have thanksgiving dinner at Kae's. In case you forgot or in case I didn't explain it the first time, I'm going to buy a turkey on the Internet and my mom is shipping me a bit of food stuffs so I can have this makeshift dinner. I never expected it to be a normal dinner by all means but....

Well, originally I thought it would be about 5 people having dinner including myself. I thought we were going to have waaaay too much food because two of those people don't eat very much and one of other people might not even come!

But it turns out that as Kae got more and more of an idea of what Thanksgiving is all about (family and friends sitting around eating all day) she started getting more excited about it. We discussed dates and different people and now we are going to have Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday the 25th and there will be about 10 people.

OK! I can do that! But I don't have enough turkey and I can't buy more because even though Kae is one of the only people I know who has an oven, she still doesn't have a big enough oven for two small turkeys (10 - 12 lbs). Instead, she suggested that I make Tacos since Dad probably won't like the turkey anyway and he loved the Tacos...

OK! I can do that too! It'll be weird but hey, why not?

She then emailed me this afternoon. She said she was very sorry but it seems that three more people want to come to this fantastic party of mine...

OK! I don't think I can do that. Originally, I was thinking that if her house was big enough for all these people, sure I'll be able to do it. But the more I think about it the more I know that one 10lb turkey and two taco sets can't feed 13 people no matter how many side dishes I have. Mashed potatoes, yams, salad, stuffing, and I guarantee you there isn't enough gravy to go around!

So, I'm going to email her tonight after my conversation class and my students help in translations and I'm going to tell her exactly what I'm thinking.

In my opinion, the more the merrier! However, we're going to have to find more food somewhere along the way. I can just see it now:

Menu -
1. Turkey
2. Stuffing
3. Mashed potatoes
4. Gravy
5. Tacos
6. Sushi
7. Beer and Sake

Ahhhh this is gonna be a fantastic mix of things that should never ever go together!

I'm so excited, I can't wait!!!!!!

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