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Sunday, November 19, 2006

You told us your apartment was a total mess!

Yeah, when I also told you that it was constantly changing. Note how my doors are closed so you can't see the kitchen!

It's also closed because I have the heater is on ;)

I pulled out the Christmas tree when I was cleaning out my closet. It's a nice touch though a bit early. I went over to the hardware store in town and it really reminds me of a Home Depot. With the weather the way that it is, it just feels like that place should have reeked of pine. But, alas there are no trees to be seen.

No real ones anyway.

Also, I'm updating my gallery and here's a preview. These are the majority of my first year students at Odochi. This is during the culture festival two weeks ago (sorry for being so late about posting the pics) It was the coldest day so far! And these girls still have to wear skirts!!!

And finally, my turkey came a week early! I woke up early this morning because I went to bed so early (thank you Tsubasa for the deliciously strong sake!) I took a shower and at 9:15 in the morning the doorbell rang and I was still in a towel. I asked who it was and then just opened the door. Only important people come to the door that early. And thank you mom, also for the robe ;)

It was the delivery man with my thanksgiving food! The turkey fit perfectly in the freezer which means it'll fit nicely in the oven. But it was supposed to get here Thursday!!! When they say 5-7 days, I didn't expect them to mean 2. But better early than late :)

Also, the cheese that I bought for $10 takes up a huge chunk of my fridge!!

And in the end, I had two boxes of graham crackers for the international day at Tosayamada and it somehow warranted a huge box. I was shocked to find so little inside so I thought I'd take a picture while I was at it.

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Anonymous said...

HEY NINA! It's Miranda from the JFC!

I love the pictures! ^.^ I'm glad you're turkey came early.

HAve agreat thanksgiving!! Eat lots!

Deborah said...

Wow - great apartment! I hope to see it when we come this summer.

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