Playboy and my Students

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It's actually gotten warmer since the rain but I'm still a little cold. I think that I enjoy this cold a lot better than in Florida because at least here, I'm allowed to bundle up! Like, in Florida, everyone knows it's not really that cold and it's not like I ever really spent a whole lot of time outside anyway so there was no reason to layer up with stockings or scarves. Everyone would have look ed at me like I was nuts! But here, since I have been freaking out so much about the cold, I get to wear layers because it actually gets cold enough here to wear those clothes! Maybe not now, but at least eventually it'll get that cold so I'm just a little early. Besides, no one can tell when I'm wearing long socks or stockings, etc. ;)

Though, honestly, it really hasn't gotten cold yet....yet

I am so excited about Thanksgiving! I suppose technically I should top it when Christmas comes but I don't know if I'll be able to pull that one off...

I'm sure everyone wants to hear about my classes....but I can't think of anything interesting that has been happening in them...

OH I made a comment in my gallery about how all the girls have the same playboy socks. Allow me to explain:

It seems that the playboy bunny symbol is quite popular here among the young crowd. As in, by the time students get into high school, they're getting a little too old for it.


Yeah, so I see the Playboy bunny everywhere. A girl was wearing a ring with it, a boy had it embroidered nicely on his sweater (and then showed me a pink scarf with the Statue of Liberty also embroidered on it, like a polo shirt...because the Statue of Liberty and the Playboy Bunny are so in the same category!), pencil cases, socks, purses, necklaces, you name it, they have the bunny symbol. The students don't associate it with the magazine. They just think it looks su-ta-ya-ri-shyu (stylish)

So then one day when I was waiting for the train I started flipping through some magazines. I saw the playboy mag but it wasn't in a plastic bag like some really hard core magazines usually are and it didn't have a girl on the cover so I became quite curious. Is it the real thing? *shifty eyes* I opened it. It had the same comics from playboy but mostly celebrity news and different misc articles. And then in the middle of it all, BAM naked chicks! With all the naughty bits blurred out. Honestly, what is the point of having a dirty mag if all the good stuff is cut out? No wonder they read dirty comics, at least there they can see the goods ;)

In completely unrelated news, I have seriously been gaining wait. So not cool. I don't remember if I mentioned this but the weight isn't were I was expecting it. Mostly, my tummy has been getting a little more round but mostly, my thighs are bigger! It's muscle! I don't believe it! Still, not cool. I don't want thunder thighs of steel. I want normal slim legs!!! And what am I supposed to do to lose the weight? Work out? That seems to be one of my problems!! *guh* Stomach exercises and get a car, those are my solutions.

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Jem said...

Hey those little solar powered bobble head things are sold here; I saw them at Toys-R-Us last year.
I was playing with them for like 15 min. they really are mesmerizing.

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