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Monday, November 20, 2006

I have found it increasingly difficult to find certain items here in Tosayamada or even Kochi City. My major problem with this is that I'm either in too much of a hurry, these things are too small, or too insignificant to have them shipped to me via mommy-mail. The biggest thing that irks me though is that I know these things are here. I know they are in my town! Not only do I not need to go into the city to get them but they are here readily available, I just can't find them. I just don't know where to look.

It's like when I go to the grocery store, everything is arranged in such a way as to completely confuse me. The spices are in one section and the cakes and things are in another while there is a whole section devoted entirely to seaweed but yet baking items are scattered all over the store. I have yet to memorize the system. Every time I go to the grocery store I always scan every shelf, just to see if I find something new, and I always do! I found salsa the other day! And it's the real stuff!!! (Just very mild)

So, Nina, I hear you ask, what are these items that you're looking for? I'm sure, you continue, that I don't have to tell you that Japan doesn't bake the same way that westerners do and normal things to you are not normal for them....

はい!はい!分かったよ!Yeah, yeah, I got it, yo.

Cinnamon - I've found but only in small quantities
All purpose flour - people tell me it exists which I believe because the amount of white bread they have in this country is staggering
Brown sugar - I found some stuff that tastes about right but is actually white...go fig
Feathers - I went to three different craft stores and found none. I know they have them! Check out my costume at the English Conversation Halloween party!
Regular butter - I have yet to try their different varies of "fat" to know which one tastes right. I know they have it though
CHEESE - I'm fooling myself. They don't have it
Sprinkles - They have really expensive edible silver balls for wedding cakes but that's not exactly what I was going for.
Apple Sauce - "Is that like syrup?" my supervisor asked. Nope, I'm pretty sure they don't have such a thing here after a reaction like that. I did find a recipe online but with apples at $1.50 each and the recipe calling for 4 or 5, I think I'll live without.
Cookie Cutters - This is the straw that broke the camels back. Seriously, I know these people are nuts about crafts and cute little shaped cookies, rice balls, bread stuffs, ANYTHING. They're everywhere. So why can't I find them?!

I swear to you. I will find these things!

Ultimately, I think the problem is that I don't have a car to get to the better stores in the area. Drat.

Current Thanksgiving Total: 13~16 (Some "maybe"s have become definite "no"s

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Deborah said...

Suggestion on the cookie cutters - I know they use them for bento, do they have a section at the grocery store for bento stuff? I think they might be with the rice molds and egg molds and the like!


Nina said...

HA! Even more of a reason why I know that they have them!! But I checked that section and I only found the triangles for normal everyday rice balls. Blah! I just need to check out other stores...or ask someone...How much harder is this going to get?! This sort of thing should be simple, these are simple items!!!

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