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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Here are a few things that are on the more humorous side of life...for the most part.

First, we begin with Chrissy's pics. These are pictures from the last semester at UCF. We did a lot of fun things while Senioritus was setting in. Islands of Adventure, Bush Gardens, and Key West. Those were some good times ;)

Next, some Japanese videos!!! Here's what's popular right about now:
This is a song sung by Shuji and Akira. The song is called Seishun Amigo. Seishun for young ( I think) and amigo as in Spanish.

Now imagine for a minute that every time you hear this song regardless of time or place, people break into the exact same dance? It's true. They all know the words because they're written so that they can easily be sung in Karaoke and the dance moves are done in the same way. People don't take music lightly here. Karaoke is a serious sport and following the dance moves warrants practice at home so you don't look stupid in public. I was in the car with Kae and Wakako the first time I heard this song and they both started doing the dance moves while sitting in the car and while Kae continued to drive.

My favorite boy is the girly looking one that keeps looking up into the sky ;)

Next, Koda Kumi.

Ahhh Koda Kumi. This is a singer who sang the craptastic song "1000 words" for Final Fantasy x-2. That's how she got her big break into the market. I like about 1/8th of her songs but I really like those ones.

The biggest thing about her though is that her sluttiness is completely unrivaled. She puts Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and young Madonna to shame.

Unfortuantely, I couldn't find a song of her's that I really liked that had an interesting video. The first one is a song that is very popular for the Anime "Cutie Honey" of which I have never seen. However, the first time I heard this song, Wakako (then only 9yrs old) was singing it in Karaoke.

The second one is really fantastic. If I hadn't been sitting on the floor when I was watching this, I would have fallen right over with shock. All I can say is "beer bottle".

Finally, I have a video here that is cute but seriously made me cry. Twice. It's not funny in the end. It's really quite sad.

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Anonymous said...

Re the rivals - you're right. She's got them all beat! --mh

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