Yosakoi Day 2 (and then some)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yosakoi was hot!!! Both literally and figuratively. It feels like a million years ago so I'm really trying hard to remember the highlights.

We took a bus from the university into the city and danced at various locations. We would usually stand around for about an hour or so waiting in line until we finally reached the beginning point of the dance. Then we'd dance down the street for about 20 minutes then run to our next location to stand in line again.

In the picture above you can see two red straps. Those are two different medals that I won on the first day and this picture was taken on the second day. Not too long later, I ended up getting my third. A few people didn't get any medals. A lot of people got one and a bunch got two. I got three. Go me!!!

(And that's not including the medal I got for the local Tosayamada Festival that we danced at the week before!)

(right to left in order of importance: Yosakoi Day 1, first dance location. Tosayamada Festival, Harimayabashi Yosakoi Day 2, Sunday Market street Yosakoi Day 1.)

The last two are the most important medals because they were really big deal locations. They were both televised! It's really too bad. I've been on TV so much. So many people took pictures right in my face making me mess up and everything! But I don't have any of those to show you guys.

We were usually late for each location to dance in (which was to be expected) and not many of my friends were able to see me! And I still haven't heard from my team about the official DVD and accompanying pictures. I'll be sure to post the video when I get it.


I had plans for friends to visit the night after Yosakoi but they came in a day early. So in the middle of dancing Yosakoi, I was having friends moving into my apartment where they stayed for about a week.

We drove together to Hiroshima where we saw the amazing Miyajima Fireworks Festival. They were the most amazing fireworks I've ever seen.

After that, we came home, relaxed for a day then went back north to camp and go white water rafting!

I was in the front at first which was fine but they moved me to the back which has a lot more bounce. I almost fell out a number of times and about half way through the trip I thought I lost a tooth...

But no worries! I'm fine!

In between all of this time, I made a movie about the East Side of Kochi for all the new JETs and said goodbye to the ones who have left. I'm sad to see them go. Very sad. But I keep myself busy to keep from thinking of it. (TuT)v

I'll upload the video if I find the time...

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Deborah said...

Congratulations on all your medals! It all sounds very exciting, I am glad you are enjoying Japan!

jessica said...

Oh man, four medals! You rock! Sounds like some good times. The whitewater looked awesome! Hope you're doing well sugar plum! Love you!

Anonymous said...

It's great that you were having such a good time! Hey, in that group picture, are you in the second row, third form the right with your face turned away from the camera?

Love, mom

Anonymous said...

Also, how were you given the medals? Did someone just walk up to you and put them on you?


Nina said...

Yeah, I'm the one with my head turned away. I didn't even see my friend standing there taking the pic. So very out of it (*.*)

With the medals, they would usually walk up to you in the middle of the dance and put it around your head while you were still dancing. Threw me off completely which I think everyone expected but still. Sometimes thought they would have someone run up and tell you to go over to the judging table and they'd place it around your head then. It's kind of a dangerous thing! I smacked people with my naruko (clackers) more than on one occasion...

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