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Friday, August 29, 2008

I'm sure everyone's tired about hearing how I can't do anything because I'm always so busy. Sorry I couldn't answer your email until now. Sorry I didn't answer your call. Sorry I've been busy...

Well not anymore!!! I'm staying home! Cooking, cleaning, gardening and feeling sorry for myself that all my friends have left after their second year on JET (TuT)

Well, kinda anyway.

Point 1. I have a garden now!
Check out those yummy herbs. Basil, oregano, parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme. "Remember meeeee to one who lives ther-rrr, she once was a true love of mine".

And for $7 from a place called "Loft" (not found in Kochi prefecture :P) I got a cute little bean plant that has the word smile on one side and a smiley face on the other! It's only about a week and a half old though and it's already starting to die. I figured that was because it was sitting inside the egg that it hatched from (seriously) so I transferred it to a pot that my predecessor (from 2 years ago) left me. She didn't necessarily leave me just a pot. There was a plant in it at one time...and it's dead carcass was still there until I moved it just about an hour ago, BUT now it's finally been put to use and I suppose I can call myself a gardener now. We'll see if these plants fare any better than my fish :'( RIP

Next, from a leaving JET *sobs* I bought a microwave/oven/toaster all in one machine. Tiny by oven standards but massive by toaster standards so I guess it evens out ;) hahaha.

But I've gone on a cooking spree! Even for things I need neither a microwave, oven OR toaster for! Like Hummus. Another leaving set *sobs more* left me his dried chick peas so the first thing I did was make myself some hummus. But I underestimated how far those chick peas would go and now I have three frozen bowls of the stuff and one in my fridge for eating.

Next I made oatmeal cookies. I don't even LIKE oatmeal cookies. And oatmeal is hard to find around here!!! But I decided I wanted to try something new because I wanted to give a gift to one of my favorite JTEs. Today was her last day at school. She's due to have a baby in a couple of months so she'll be gone for a year on maternity leave *sobs*

Do we see a theme here??!?! It's a wonder I haven't curled up in a ball under my desk.

And the last thing I made was focaccia bread. I'd have taken a picture of it but I ate it too quickly. This is all that remains.


From the same JET who sold me his oven, I also got this super sweet big screen TV, Satellite and Satellite box. Took me a while to figure out how it works but I finally figured it out and as soon I call the company and get a contract with them, I will be the proud viewer of magical TV. Oh how I have missed you Discovery Channel (;u;)

Problem is, I have a cord that goes from the satellite to the TV. Who knew it needed to do that?! I mean, I thought it was a freakin satellite! Can't it just connect to the TV via wireless connection? Not so. Instead, ya see that pipe off to the right side of the picture? Yeah, that goes to my AC unit in the wall. I have to take the AC wall box off my wall, slide the cord through there and then out to the satellite. Either that, or my window stays open a crack for the rest of it's life letting not only the heat and cold in but the bugs as well. No thank you.

Finally, things I forgot to take pictures of:
1. I got a new camera - Canon IXY, pink
2. I installed a new faucet into my sink. The old one had a plastic bit at the end of the faucet which broke from old age, like plastic things have a tendency of doing (idiot idea!). Thus, water was squirting all over my wall, all over my clothes and needless to say, doing the dishes was EVEN MORE of a pain in the ass than it was before. But, I went over the hardware store looking for super strength glue when I found a new faucet instead. It was only $14! Here I thought I'd have to pay over $100 to install an entirely new unit. Score Nina! I went home, unscrewed the old and one screwed in the new one. Took me like 3 minutes and only because I was sure that there was something more difficult involved. I kept double checking myself. It was that easy? Yes. I'm done already? Yes. Now do the smelly dishes. OK!

3. I'm thinking of picking up Aikido. I don't really care about the fighting style but I thought it would be a good way to make some Japanese friends. Plus, it'll be good exercise :)

Other than that, I'm becoming more and more antisocial and loving it. Staying home is great!

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Anonymous said...

Except for the exercise, you could be the model for the book "My Mother, Myself". Cooking, gardening, fooling around with little hardware projects (keyword: little), enjoying some time alone, reading, ahhh...you could be me.

love, mom

P.S. The focaccia bread looked delicious! I can totally relate to that too. :-)

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