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Saturday, August 2, 2008

So remember those little beetles that I couldn't figure out where they were coming from? I said that I kind of didn't mind them so much because they didn't bite anyway...welp, I found them!

I was searching frantically looking for something to eat for breakfast because I'm about to go and dance Yosakoi at the Tosayamada Masturi (festival) which is not the official Yosakoi Matsuri. It's just a local one, but a big deal none the less.

So I found this bottle of chives way in the back and thought, YEAH!!! I'll put chives on my mediocre tomato and cheese bagel! It'll be great. But when I pulled out the container I found ALL of my chives had been eaten by said beetles that were now lazily lounging in their own byproduct. It was hilarious. My poor chives!!!

And ironically enough, it wasn't because I had done something blatently stupid like leaving food out on the counter and the windows open. *sigh* can't win em all!

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Anonymous said...

And you're LAUGHING??? I'd be freaking out!! Forget it. No way. That is NOT funny.

Love, mom

Nina said...

I think it's funny because I've gotten kinda sorta used to bugs here and the thing is that they didn't really bother me in the first place. There weren't a lot of them around. They were all in the chives! And they didn't bite me in my sleep anyway. They weren't much of a nuisance. I was just upset that my chives were gone! That thing was more than half full! And it was ALL GONE!!! Absolutely incredible. I'm a little surprised those bugs didn't get into anything else...I checked my big bottle of parsley and it was perfectly fine. All of it was there and untouched.

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