Watermelon, Beans and Chicken Skin

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Must be some of my favorite things!

So the seasons have changed and summer is here. That means watermelon is in season! woo!!

It also means that edamame are in season as well. Edamame are those green beans that you shell and eat with beer. You can buy them frozen year round but I can only assume they're best fresh like everything else.
But today while I was perusing the fresh made food section of my local grocery store I discovered something that clearly, they made with me in mind. They must have been thinking to themselves, "my. I haven't seen Nina in here for a while. You know what she would love? Fried Chicken Skin. Now that will make her day."

And it has :)

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Anonymous said...

Nina I think you should higher a publisher and turn this blog into a book. Titled: Spreading the Love of Nina All Around: The not so normal life of a so called normal girl. or something to that affect. I since a top seller!


Anonymous said...

What did that stuff taste like? Did you heat it up? Looks weird. What do the Japanese do with it?


Nina said...

No way man! There's no way I could put this into a book. It's not nearly interesting enough. Plus, all this stuff has become the norm for me! That's the craziest part of it all! hahahaha

As for the chicken skin; imagine that you just ripped the skin off of a big hunk of KFC breast meat. That's what it tasted like. :) It was yummy. But I kinda felt sick after eating all of that...

jessica said...

Okay all I want to know is it crunchy like pork rinds or slimey like chicken skin? Love you! I think the book would be funny ala Bridget Jones ;)

Nina said...

Crunchy like pork rinds :) Though I've never really eaten pork rinds...but I can imagine.

You know, it's not really meat. You could try some Jessica!!

jessica said...

See but then I'd have to wrap my mind around eating something else's skin and that would be too Silence of the Lambs for me.... Although, I did have pork rinds when I was little (like 5) and I'm sure your chicken rinds?? were delicious!! Love you!

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