Tokyo is full of perverts

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

So, I went to Tokyo this past week.....hmmmm what to say, what to say....

This time around, as I have mentioned before, I didn't have someone showing me everything. This time, I chose what where I wanted to go. And this time, I chose to find the Tokyo that everyone always talks about. The Tokyo that never sleeps, that is full of every pleasure you could imagine of massage parlors, maid cafes, goth lollies and cosplay.

Welp, I found it.

In fact, I found it so easily, I wonder how I ever missed it before!!!

I went to Akihabara where there were more electronics than I could ever use in a lifetime plus more Otakus than I could count and the real deal maid parlors!! I went to Harajuku where I found fantastically cheap clothes. Ginza where the ritzy people go to spend their money. Shinjuku where I found all of the goths and cosplayers and finally Shibuya where all the massage parlors and strip clubs are.

For the last one though, we didn't make it there until 10am on the last day we were in town so....needless to say, there were no pimps wandering the streets ;)

I met up with my mother's friend's friend's son who is working on the Navy base just outside of Tokyo. What? Our families have so much drama between them we're practically siblings!!! I then took him out with a few of my Tokyo friends and I was pleasantly surprised to see how much my Japanese has improved :)

But as for the title....well, if you're squeamish...just slightly, don't read the next part. It's not so bad but...just be warned.

So I found a couple of things that I found quiiiiiite interesting.

1. Vibrators with the cutest prints on them such as hearts, penises and even the American flag!!!
2. Lots and LOTS of bondage porn.
3. Little girl blow up dolls (as in the sexual kind)
4. Porn on the train. You just have to be able to read it a little bit.
5. Porn in the news paper, don't need to read it to know those are scantly clad girls.
6. Ya know those duck lips at the OBGYN? Yeah, I found those as a sex toy.
7. I found the panties vending machine.

Maybe some of you don't understand that last bit completely. Urban myths are usually just that, a myth. Well, a well known urban myth in Japan is that they have vending machines for absolutely everything you could imagine and that includes girls panties. Welp, after much debate over the truth of the myth or not, I happened to find it. I rule!

In the end, my feet were killing me and I wanted to go home! But it was a little depressing to go from the epicenter of the world to my little hole in the wall in the countryside.

One thing though, in Tokyo, I don't stand out. I'm not special anymore. I'm just another person. I mean, Tokyo is just like New York and Chicago just with a Japanese flair to it. I was a little sad to know my status as cool gaijin was gone but as soon as I got home, without more than 24 hours under my belt, I was already being ogled and smiled at for no other reason than the way that I look.

Yup, it's good to be home :)

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jessica said...

Dude, if I would have been there with you... I'd be laughing right along with you... That's definitely some weird and awesome stuff... I'm glad you found the panty machine.. YAY!

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