Birthday #23

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

So, I knew that people wouldn''t RSVP for our (three ppl total) birthday party but I didn't want to say that they had to because if I did,then the people who didn't RSVP would think they couldn't come. So in the end, about 23 people told us that they could come and so I was expecting about 30 people.

The party started at 7 and when I got there, there were only about 6 or 7 people. We all sat down and started to enjoy ourselves. As I have mentioned before, everyone here runs on gaijin time so I didn't do a head count until 7:45ish. They set aside about 50 seats for everyone and I was a little afraid that we wouldn't fill them but hey, better too many than too few. But in the end about 60ish people showed up all together. At the very least 10 people had to find seats away from our section. It was crazy!!!!

And though many of you may know this already, I myself am only learning it now. I get such a huge buzz off of large groups of friends. In fact, I could have had only juice and water and I would still have been acting more drunk from the atmosphere alone! Who needs alcohol when you have friends? 60 of them no less!!!

Afterwards, about 30 or so of us went out to Karaoke. And that was a site to see. Not everyone got there at the same time despite leaving at the same time but as gaijin go, we like to meander and talk while we walk so lots of dawdling took place. Once everyone did finally show up, we ended up with the biggest room in the place!

The gaijin looked like oil and the Japanese were our water. All the gaijin stuck to the center of the room where we pushed the seats out of the way and proceeded to dance and sing to every song that came up. The Japanese on the other hand stuck to the sides of the room and sang solos or made pleasant conversation about hobbies. We got a few Japanese friends into the center but for the most part, it was them watching us make fools of ourselves. It was the best time EVER! I almost lost my voice too. Good times!

However, when the karaoke came to an end, we had a nice little dilemma with the payment. Ultimately, with everyone paying $14 each for 2 hours plus their drinks...the whole thing came out to about $800. After collecting from everyone we were still $300 short. To make a long story short, there were some cheap skates, miscommunications, anger, indifference and finally we came to $800 and left never to return again.

The thing is though that this happens every time a big group of people get together to do karaoke. My Japanese friends were like, why didn't you just collect the money before you went in......duh

Well, knowing is half the battle.

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dan said...

Awesome and fantastic at the same time. Fantawesome? Awesotastic? Regardless, happy birthday Ninamarie. I'm glad to hear your party was good times even if you have cheapskate friends.

Clarissa said...

Happy birthday! Glad to hear that you had fun, and I wish I could have been over there to celebrate with you.

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