Genki: Kappa and Purple Panties

Sunday, April 29, 2007

In the Genki play, there were quite a number of interesting characters. I was one of the sexy ones as I mentioned before. There were also towns people (whom I also played a part of) who just wore yakatta. There were the Henro who are pilgrims of Kochi and they wore all white with straw hats (you know the rice picker hats). The Neo, aka cyclops, who had the most elaborate masks! And finally, there was the Kappa.

A kappa is a Japanese mythical creature which is a cross between a frog and a turtle. He is a water spirit that, if you get on his good side by giving him a cucumber, will be very kind and help your crops grow. He was said to have taught the Japanese how to irrigate their fields. However, if you get on his bad side which seems easy to do, he'll steal your life essence through your ass.

I don't make this crap up folks!

So one of my favorite characters was the Kappa. Instead of stealing the life force of Hercules however, he decided to use the Kancho as his favorite attack.

Kancho is an old prank still used by elementary and middle school children to this day. Pretty much, they stick their fingers up their victims ass when he's not suspecting it.

ANYWAY to make a long story short, the dance and dialog were quite on the perverted side but since the game is actually played strictly by children (seeing as adults would have some serious legal problems if they chose to join in) it wasn't a major problem for children to watch!

The guy who played the Kappa, Nick, also decided that he wanted to the Kappa to have a little flare as well. He almost stole the show every time! (until I came out that is) It started with him just acting a bit on the flamboyant side but slowly he added more and more quirks to his character. First, got more and more into character making the Kappa seem a bit perverted himself. Then, Michelle taught him how to snap his fingers in a "talk to the hand" sort of way and on the last performance, he added purple panties to the costume!!!

The Kappa's costume was very elaborate like most of the other characters. But for some reason, he wore a really short green skirt. You could always see his underwear! So finally, he just borrowed a fellow cast members frilly purple panties. The costume was complete, and I almost pissed myself laughing!

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