Yutanpo is my best friend

Sunday, January 28, 2007

This is a post about random junk of little importance.

I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I was given a Yutanpo for Christmas/New Years from one of the women that I give private English lessons to. It has been the coolest thing I have ever experienced! She gave me a cute little pig cover to put it in :)

Anyway, because I have that cool little hot water holder (which I fill with boiling water so it stays pretty warm until....ohhhhh the next afternoon) I don't need to use my heater at night. Usually I stick it on a timer so when I wake up I'm usually sweating from the yutanpo but the room is warm nonetheless. However, this is the weekend and I don't have to wake up early so I haven't put the heater on since, lord knows when I'll be getting up and もたいない! (don't be wasteful!)

Well I didn't realize just how cold it gets in the mornings here and the cold air around me and the warmth of my futon makes sleeping such a joyous activity. I was laying in my futon this morning just fantasizing about how wonderful it was to be sleeping so comfortably. That is until someone rang my doorbell, stupid jerk.


So I was riding my bike to the mall when I saw a young Japanese couple. They were quite a cute pair riding their bikes together and laughing. As I came closer towards them, the boy reached over and took the girls arm to help her steer out of my way. (Personally I would have shot my boyfriend for doing something like that, but in the moment, I thought it was sweet.) The girl was cute but I was mostly looking at the guy in this split second of an event and I could help but notice that he had berets in his hair in a very girly fashion way. And that's what some of these guys do! They look absolutely ridiculous! I started giggling about it as they passed and then I just burst into full laughter. Which was worse, that he looked ridiculous or that I wanted to be the girl he was with?!


Hopefully Kae will be helping me pick out a bed sometime soon. I'm so over sleeping on the floor!


My internet connection has been pissing me off to no end. If I use it as wireless then I get a huge firewall I can't seem to disable. If I plug it in I get an ungodly fast upload speed and a super slow download speed unless I'm directly connected (a rare occurance) and then the speeds are through the roof....wft (0.o)


Incidently, I've been looking through all my bills and from what I can gather, I have yet to pay for internet or water.

Both are still running as they should so....should I be worried?


I'll kill the person that woke me this morning. It's freakin cold!


I hope you enjoyed the post. I have nothing more to say.

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Anonymous said...

Did you ever find out who was at the door? Also, describe a yutanpo more - what the heck is it? Is it something you put in the bed with you or a heater that heats up the room? Sorry to be so slow...mom

Nina said...

Duh mah-om, the word yutanpo is hot linked to a page that talks all about it. It even has pictures!

But for all you other ignoramuses out there, a yutanpo is a plastic or metal bottle that you fill with water and then stick in a cloth bag so you don't burn yourself. Mine is plastic and originally I thought that it would only keep one spot in the futon warm but it really does the trick. And I don't have to run the heater all night! I love it!

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