I'm, like, crazy exhausted

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

After the fiasco of the three day hang over, I decided to spend all of Saturday inside. I was only going to go outside if I needed to buy something which in the end, I didn't need to. You don't need to eat as much when all you do is lounge around. Who knew?

I finally got half the stuff done in my apartment that I'd been meaning to do for weeks! It was the first time in a long time since I've actually spent more than 2 hours in this place and I wasn't sleeping! I finished packing a box to be sent home, I put together a purikura scrap book, called home, wrote that long blog post, talked to Dave for a few hours, and around the early evening I finally found time to break out FFXII!

And I would have spent the entire day in my apartment too if Adam hadn't called me.

"Nina, could you come to the train station at 11:00 and lend me 350yen?"

He had run out of money but the truth was that I owed him 2,000yen anyway.

What was I gonna say, no?!

Anyway, I don't know what happened but somehow the all day relaxing seemed to have messed with my body because the next day I woke up completely exhausted.

Kae convinced me to ride the bus up to Odochi Sunday morning at 9am and go to Wakako's Elementary school to do flower pressing. I was thinking of skipping out because I was really keen on relaxing some more but she easily convinced me that it would be a good cultural experience. Fine, whatever, why am I here anyway? If I wanted to sleep all day I could do that in America. So I dragged myself out of bed and went up into the mountains.

The flower pressing was actually very cool. The flowers were pre-pressed and you simply picked a bunch of them, arranged them on a piece of paper and then laminated it. I made two and they came out pretty well! They even gave me a picture frame for one of them. I'm glad I went.

But the rest of the day I spent fighting off sleep. I mean, I was falling into a deep slumber every chance I got.

The next day (Monday) wasn't any better. I spent the majority of the day trying not to fall asleep at my desk. I wasn't given much work either so it made things even more difficult.

That night I decided to drag myself to yoga as it would probably do me some good. And it did too. Tuesday I was feeling great! Alive and awake and well! I even got to play two solid hours of FFXII! (that's a lie. I had a 45 minute phone call in between)

My newest goal btw, in case you hadn't noticed, is to find enough time to play FFXII. It's not like a book that I can just pick up and put down. I need to set aside at least 2 hours before I can whip it out. Lord knows when I'll find a save point!

Anyway, this morning (Wednesday) I woke up at 6am and left the house by 7. It wasn't until 9:30pm that I actually got home.

Seriously, my body is not handling this lifestyle well.

AND, even though it's freakishly warm this winter, it's still colder than I'm used to. My bones ache in funny place and my skin is starting to dry out like a prune. Actually, Yoga doesn't help any of this! I woke up this morning with funny aches in my back as if someone had punched me and I realized later it was because my yoga instructor had us rolling around on the floor all night! You might not think that sounds difficult but I'd like to see you try and then continue doing it for like 15 minutes. I must have bruised my ribs or something. It just took three days for the pain to set in.

Also, I am so over this cold weather! I wanna wear shorts again! I'm tired of wearing coats that make it difficult for me to bend my arms! I'm tired of having to remember all my different articles of clothing. And most importantly, I'm tired of my legs looking like blue worms swimming in skim milk! I am that pale and those aren't spider veins people! They're the normal ones that I'm looking at! (mmmmm skim milk) How's that for food for thought ;)

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