Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I was bored at work today as there was absolutely nothing to do. More than half the teachers didn't even show! It's a big vacation week so I can understand...I mean, I'm getting the hell outta dodge myself!

And speaking of outta, I decided to redo the "English board" outside the teachers room. It's really just a bulletin board for all manner or random things but there is a little spot reserved for me that has been getting smaller and smaller as I have been neglecting it. I noticed that my predecessor did the same as she still had things up there dated 6 months before she left.

I decided I was going to put a small lesson on slang for anyone that wanted to read it. I will eventually have the whole thing in English as well as Tosa-ben (local dialect) so they get the idea of slang and politeness values of the words.

My first instalment of words will include:

It's all good

Unfortunately, I'm having a hard time coming up with a dialogue example for kinda, but here's what I have for the other words!

Personally, I remember when I was younger the only thing I ever felt like reading were comics. They were sweet, simple, funny and to the point. They also weren't very complicated and I was all about that! I hope these comics are on the same wave length as my students ;)

And don't bash me for the crappy lines! I'm trying to use English that they already know and don't need to think about. This is supposed to remind them that English isn't all boring!

Finally, I am having issues with Kinda...I started a batman comic but the lines were coming out really really bad so I didn't even finish it. Got any ideas guys? Chrissy, go ahead and have a field day with this project on your ithingy ;)

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Chrissy said...

Uh its Comic Life thank you very much! J/K. Love and Miss ya :)

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