Make Sure You Have a Good Rest

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

As I was thinking about writing this post on my way home I started laughing so hard I must have seemed like Crying Charlie. I was really trying to hide it and all I could do was keep completely quite while I seizured and tears started coming from my eyes. This post is that funny.

But as a warning, these videos have some pretty offensive things in it. Just FYI.

So, I was talking to Dave last night about our English Conversation classes. These classes are always varied. Mine for example is just as the name states: English conversation. Dave's on the other hand actually has a lesson that he plans out every week. Other peoples classes have anywhere from elementary school children to elderly folks. As we discussed them, we started swapping English Conversation Class videos. This is what his class is like:

And this is what my class is like:

Alright, I lied. Our classes are no where near that interesting. But it just goes to show you why I have such a hard time communicating with people here. This is the only stuff they learn!

No, not rape and sex. They learn simple sentences that have absolutely no real meaning or function. This is the kind of thing I teach my students everyday.

In other news, after a fantastic lunch at an all you can eat buffet, I spent the afternoon making ginger bread houses. But Nina, why were you making ginger bread houses? Because the box said that as soon as you open it, it's ready to go which really means that there are three hours of prep time needed before you can actually get to the fun part.

Tomorrow is my international day and I'm so excited! The kids are making Christmas ornaments, S'mores, and Ginger Bread Houses. Totally beats class!!! (which they don't have tomorrow anyway).

And as I was leaving today, a teacher looks over at me and sternly says "make sure you go home and have a good rest". Will do sensei!

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