International Day

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Before I even get to international day, I'd like to tell you all about what I have been watching on TV recently.

First of all, there seems to be an awful lot of shows about animals. The Japanese do things to animals that no one in America would ever be able to get away with. It's not that they are being cruel or inhumane to any of these animals, it's just that animal rights would never stand for that kind of thing.

In every show with an animal, they always dress it up in some sort of strange outfit. First, the animal is always cute. Usually a baby. Then they'll dress it up in some equally cute outfit. For example, they took baby lions and dressed them in diapers and little booties and traipsed them around the studio for everyone to see how cute they were. They also had a chimp that they dressed in a cute little pants and shirt outfit complete with purse. They then had it pose for pictures such as winning an award or accepting a business card from an important person. They put that monkey is so many strange situations, I just couldn't understand it.

But the show that came on after that really took the cake. It was a show that featured the famous boy band Kat-Tun. They set up each boy with a girl "of his choice". In other words, each guy talked about his fetish, for example, an office lady or a woman who wears high boots and hot pants and or a flight attendant. They then found a bunch of strange girls to dress in these outfits, match them up with their respective guy and then make fun of them.

I don't know how these girls didn't burst into tears! But they not only took it in stride, they joked around with it as well! The first girl that they chose was the one wearing boots and hot pants. She was a little overweight and so they compared her to a pig.

TV: Are you sure you're not a pig?
Girl: No no, I swear to you, I'm not a pig nor am I related to one.
TV: Then what's this? (holding up her arm) Isn't this a hoof?
Girl: That's my arm! It's not a hoof, tee hee.

And so it went on.

My favorite girl was a flight attendant. She was a total pervert and it was hilarious. When they introduced these girls, they would pan up from their feet to their head and in anticipation of this, the flight attendant stuck out her leg in a sexy gesture and the TV hosts started yelling at her that children were watching (very funny). She then continued to try and crawl all over her "date" every chance she got.

But that wasn't the best/weirdest part of the show. So the couples are sitting together in little heart shaped chairs that are too small for them to sit in comfortably. On top of that, the bottom of the chair is round so it rocks left and right instead of being solid on the floor. Hmmm, strange you say.

Well, the hosts would then give the couples a set of questions about the girls that the guy needed to answer. If he got it wrong, then both the boy and the girl would get shocked as in with electricity. Since the seat was too small and not sitting solidly on the ground, they would flop out of it and start wiggling around on the floor.


But everyone took it with complete comedy! The woman who looked like a pig would smack her date around when he got it wrong and the flight attendant would try to crawl on top of hers (as they were both on the ground anyway). Also, after a while, the flight attendant wouldn't flop on the floor. Instead, she would just stand straight up out of her seat and start stomping/tap dancing on the floor yelling "It hurts! It hurts!". Everyone thought it was so funny that they shocked her again. Oh, and every time someone got shocked, they replayed it in slow motion since it was so hilarious looking.

Seriously, this wouldn't have been as funny had I not known what they were saying. I was on the floor laughing if only because it was the most random thing I have ever seen!!!

And now, on to international day.

So, today was my international day. I commissioned two other ALTs in the area to come out and help me be "international". My friend Thia from South Africa and Charles from Maine arrived around 1:00pm and everything began at 2:00pm.

There were about 14 girls that decided to stay after school to participate. (It was a half day) I first split the group in half. One group made Christmas ornaments with Thia and the other half made S'mores with Charles. That lasted for 25 minutes and then we switched and did it all over again.

Once that was over, we made ginger bread houses for an hour. I finished with a quick closing ceremony, we took pictures and as the students cleaned the ate their houses which turned out surprisingly delicious.

And I am trying to lose weight (-_-;)

Anyway, check out the gallery for more details!

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