Saturday, July 4, 2009

I have not been looking forward to packing up and saying goodbye to everyone. In fact, I think I am more in love with Japan than I have been in a very very long time and I'm not looking forward to leaving it.

I am, however, looking forward to going home, having some REAL food and saying hello to everyone I haven't seen in 2 years. And then after 6 weeks I think I'll be ready to come back here again ;)

My working visa expires on August 6th, when my contract ends. But I plan to stay in Japan until the 15th. So I need to change my Working Visa into a Visitors Visa. Easier said than done.

On Thursday, I began gathering all the paperwork together. This thoroughly stressed me out. I couldn't find any information for what I actually needed specifically. Why was this so difficult?!!?

And I thought, if only my supervisor were here! But sadly she's in the hospital. (I REALLY hope she's ok...but she's going on her second month of being out and I'm sure that can't be a good sign)

So, I'm kinda on my own...or so I thought.

The vice principal (aka Kyoto-sensei) came up to see what I was doing. I vented a little and told her I had no idea what I was doing, and her response to that was "Nina, do you want me to call the immigration bureau? We can have this all figured out, no problem. Should I call the prefectural main office? Here, let me look for the application for you in Japanese. I'll even print it out for you. Are you having any other problems? PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN HELP YOU!"

I almost burst into tears of joy. What a wonderful woman!


I need a copy of my plane ticket home to prove that I have a set date for leaving Japan but the prefectural office (who is buying the ticket for me) said I won't have it until a week before I leave...odd.

So Kyoto-sensei called them and told them I need a copy for this visa application. They told her that they would send the ticket to her by the end of the week but not to give ME the ticket until it's time for me to leave.

Kyoto-sensei tells me all this with an odd look on her face and ends by saying "why wouldn't I give you the ticket? You're not a child."

I do love her, ah!

But then that makes me wonder, why the hell wouldn't they give me the ticket? I'm sure somewhere in the past some ALT screwed things up for the rest of us but...really...I'm not a child (o.0)


Finally, last night was the second of the many going away parties being held this month.

I usually don't have fun at parties like this and I REALLY wasn't looking forward to it. An entire party devoted to saying goodbye to me. Speeches, presents and sushi...mmm not liking it so much.

This was the party held by Odochi HS. Remember, the HS I had SUCH a hard time with in the beginning. And now, I'm really sad to be leaving. (for the most part) I won't miss sitting in the teachers room for hours at least.

Anyway, I actually had the most fun last night than I have had at ANY drinking party.

In my first year I went to these parties and hated them. Just sitting around not being able to talk to anyone. I would go to the toilet just to get away from everyone! Then in my second and third year,I just stopped going. They were way overpriced anyway :P

But, well, I guess my Japanese has improved in 3 years ;) and these parties are WAY more fun when you actually sit around and talk to people! I had such a wonderful time!!!

These people may look like stuffy old people ;) (hahahaha) but check out the teacher on the left! They sure know how to pretend to be "normal" hahahahaha!

One of my favorite JTEs of all time. *sigh* I'm really going to miss her!!!

Anyway, I got another one of these things next week and then another one the next :P weee

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Deborah said...

Kyoto Sensei is AWESOME. I really wish she were coming over here with the group!

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