Batocera lineolata

Friday, May 29, 2009

Batocera lineolata
aka シロスジカミキリ (shirosuji kami kiri) <-- "White muscle paper cutter" (I'm not very good at translations)

I asked my Japanese teacher and she said he was of the "Kami Kiri" family. In English this is the Longed Horn Beetle, so I wasn't too far off in my last post.

I also heard from a teacher friend of mine that in Japanese culture, gold bugs bring good luck in fortune if they're treated well.

Welp, I haven't shoo'ed this thing off yet, she seems happy enough and I could sure use the cash ;)

To tell the truth, she hasn't done any damage as far as I can tell so I think I'll let her stay for a bit longer. I was just throwing around the idea that I needed a pet hampster or something. This just goes to show the PTB really do have a sense of humer (^_-)v

And besides, I'm leaving in 2 months and if she did mess up my plants by laying eggs in their soil or something, it's not like I could take them with me anyway :P

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Anonymous said...

First of all, all bugs are HE's. It's not a SHE. Once you call it a SHE, you'll probably decide to keep her. SPRAY THE DAMNED THING. It's ugly. Good luck or not, it's UGLY!

And unless he comes complete with a bag of fortune cookies slung over his back, don't believe any of that good luck bunk either.

love, mom

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