Thursday, March 12, 2009

I just got back from my trip to Gunma and Tokyo yesterday. First, I visited a friend in Gunma for two days then went to a conference for returning JETs in Tokyo. The conference was all about what to do when you leave JET. Taxes, jobs, interviews and resumes. It was quite depressing. The job market is just...yeah. I'm sure you already know (TnT)

I also finally got the DVD with pictures and all from the Yosakoi Dance I did back in August.

This is a picture of a picture. It is absolutely an amazing shot and it's not on the DVD!!! They just gave me the hard copy of it to keep for myself!

Anyway, here's a link to the video

The video is highly edited and the music doesn't always match the dance which is only irritating if you know how it's supposed to look. Whatever, it's awesome anyway. I'm at the very end :)

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Anonymous said...

When you say the very end, you're not kidding. But it's a great picture of you!! Was anyone allowed to smile? I'm truly amazed at the things you've done there. Think about it all...


NinaSama said...

Actually, I'm kinda thrown in all over the place but the quality is so poor you wouldn't know it unless I pointed myself out.

I think we were asked to smile a lot. The judges like that. It's just that we were making sure that we didn't screw up the moves and was REALLY HOT!!! Half the time I was trying not to pass out! (I almost did too)

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