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Thursday, March 26, 2009

This happens every year in the land of seasons. Spring is here! It's still kinda cold but the Sakura has fully bloomed! The world is waking up! Everything's bright and energetic and alive!

AND I!!!!!

am sitting at my desk :P

Anyway, as of this morning, I have pretty much decided to go to Yamasa. It's gonna be much more money than living with my friends but *sigh* quality is never cheap!

I'm gonna be eating dust for dinner every night but at least I'll be learning tons (TuT)

What else, what else...

I saw Twilight last night for the first time. I don't care what anyone else says, that movie is totally my speed. Vampires are the best (-^u^-) =*geeky giggle*

Hmmm, oh! My trip to Sendai. The day I left warm sunny Kochi a cold front swept through Japan making the entire country colder and so Sendai seemed much worse than it normally is. But lordy it SNOWED!!!!

Kochi: Cherry blossoms
Sendai: effing snow

Alright so it was just a little flurry here and there but STILL!

Basically the whole trip was full of stress. Thinking about going to the good school but not being able to afford it. Thinking of staying with my friends but being disappointed in the school and realizing that Nina and cold weather just don't mix. Having more than 5 months of cold just doesn't flow with me. I'll get so depressed I might do things I'll regret.

Yeah thanks mom and dad for moving to Florida. Now I'll never be satisfied with anywhere else!

Oh to be back in the land of 1 month winters where a light jacket and jeans will hold me over till mid February...

grrrr ENERGY!!!

I need chocolate...

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nhodge said...

growing up in the land of 6 month winters doesn't make the cold any more agreeable! you're exactly right that nina and cold weather don't mix.

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